Quest:Offer of Protection

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Offer of Protection
Level 91
Type Solo
Starts with Gifemund
Starts at Woodhurst
Start Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [47.8S, 79.6W]
Quest Group Woodhurst
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is important that the people of Woodhurst feel safe again. I think safety is something that I can provide. It is known that the guards are struggling to maintain control and will sometimes avert their eyes when they should not.

'I can provide protection to those who want it and have something to offer in return. Please speak with the shop-owners of Woodhurst on my behalf.'


Gifemund wishes to offer protection to those who do not feel safe. Being a wise merchant and a man of wealth and power, he seems intent on using this offer as leverage.

Objective 1

  • Talk to the shop owners (0/4)

There are many shop-owners in Woodhurst.

Gifemund has asked you to speak with the healer, supplier, provisioner, and the innkeeper on his behalf.

Healer: 'It seems Gifemund has concern for our safety, but at the same time I believe he has other intentions. He may be able to use this against me some day, but I will accept his offer. I would rather be alive and healthy and be indebted to him, than otherwise.'
The healer reluctantly accepts the offer
Supplier: 'Are you here to threaten me too? I mean no offence to you, <class>. You seem of a better kind than the last fool Gifemund sent with this offer. I cannot trust him or the guards.
'What are we to do if we cannot afford to leave and cannot trust those who should protect us? Where is Reeve Heremond to put an end to this?'
The supplier strongly refuses
Provisioner: 'You are not the first Gifemund has sent here with offers. He is conniving, and I want nothing to do with it. He is a powerful man, but he is also a wealthy man with a greedy heart. How can I trust his judgement, especially with my life or shop on the line? I will trust the guards.'
The provisioner angrily refuses
Tavern Keeper: 'It is an interesting offer, and one I must consider. It is true that the guards do not seem able to protect us, but I wonder what price he will demand when the time comes? He is a wise merchant, and this service will not be free.
'I accept, though I may regret this decision someday. I only hope the price is not too high when he comes to collect it.'
The innkeeper is suspicious of the price, but accepts the offer

Objective 2

Herubrand is in the basement of the farm-house.

Herubrand would be interested to hear of the offer being made by Gifemund to the merchants of Woodhurst.

Herubrand: 'This is not only an offer of protection, it is leverage to obtain what he wants. From what we have heard, Gifemund speaks true when he says that the guards are not doing enough...and my own family was but one example of that.
'This offer of protection is dubious at best and is likely only a bid for power.'

Objective 3

Gifemund awaits your return in the ore refinery.

Gifemund will be interested to hear the answers to his offer.

Gifemund: 'They have a right to be suspicious. I have my motives, as do you. I simply offered what I have as a courtesy, but they are is not free. I would not be the man I am today if I gave anything for free.
'Now that more have seen the wisdom of my offer, I may yet be able to achieve my goals...'