Quest:Oaths Broken, Oaths Kept

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Oaths Broken, Oaths Kept
Level 97
Type Solo
Starts with Gúrion
Starts at Lancrath
Start Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [58.0S, 63.2W]
Ends with Gúrion
Ends at Lancrath
End Region Blackroot Vale
Quest Chain Lancrath
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hail, traveller.

'I am Gúrion, at your service. I heard much of the aid you gave my people to the west, and I thank you for it. This business with Tingobel occupies much of my time as of late... and the tales I hear of the day the Orcs attacked have only grown stranger. Some people speak as if the Dead were there in Tingobel, lurking in the mine just as the Orcs arrived. Yet, I only see Orcs dressed in bones hoping to prey on those very fears.

'As much as I doubt their tales, I would ask that you search the mine. Hopefully that will finally put their fears to rest.'


Perplexed by strange stories of the Dead in Tingobel, Gúrion hopes to uncover if more than Orcs lurk to the north.

Objective 1

The mine can be found in Tingobel in northeastern Blackroot Vale, to the north of Lancrath.

Gúrion has asked you to search the Tingobel mine for signs of the Dead.

You find a cold and unused firepit on the cave floor...

Objective 2

  • Draw forth and confront the Dead

The Dead can be found in the deepest reaches of the Tingobel mine.

You have found a cold fire-pit in the depths of the Tingobel mine. Perhaps lighting the fire might draw the Dead forth.

Ruzkat says, "Do you think they'll find us here?"
Holkaz says, "Not this time, my love."
Holkaz says, "The King may speak for us, but he cannot force us to fight!"
Holkaz says, "We fled last time, and so we shall again."
Ruzkat says, "What of that Man, though? He promised freedom if we fought on the side of the Dark Lord."
Holkaz says, "He promises only lies, and the others are fools to believe him."
Holkaz says, "Those that follow Isildur's heir may see their oaths fulfilled, but the others shall never find rest."
Ruzkat says, "Neither shall we, my love..."
Holkaz says, "...but I shall have you, Ruzkat."
Ruzkat says, "Let us send this one away that we may be alone once more..."

Objective 3

Gúrion can be found along the northernmost roadway of Lancrath in southeastern Blackroot Vale.

You have temporarily quieted the Dead in the Tingobel mine. Before they vanished, they warned of a strange figure that attempted to gain their favour.

Gúrion: 'If what you say is true, I fear that the Orcs are the lest of our problems.
'Who could have such influence as to sway the Dead, with lies?'