Quest:Khlârum the Sneak

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Khlârum the Sneak
Level 45
Type Small Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Handarod
Starts at Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [9.7S, 40.7W]
Quest Group The Ranger's Offensive
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Elves of Rivendell have spotted a particularly unpleasant goblin by the name of Khlârum. This evil creature makes a particular sport of hunting down scouts and travellers in the region, and they would like to see him chased back down into the hole from whence he came.

'Khlârum was last seen wandering in the vicinity of the goblin-camp of Akûltot, outside Goblin-town, in the Misty Mountains.'


A particularly vicious and dangerous goblin has been spotted in the camps outside of Goblin-town. He is said to be hunting down warriors who dare travel too close to their stronghold.

Objective 1

Khlârum lurks near the camp of Akûltot in the eastern Misty Mountains, far to the south and east of the North Downs.

Handarod has asked you to aid the Elves of Rivendell by defeating the goblin Khlârum.

Objective 2

Handarod is at Esteldín in the North Downs, far to the west and north of the Misty Mountains.

You should return to Handarod and tell him of Khlârum's defeat.

Handarod: My thanks for dealing with the goblin Khlârum. Our attempts to infiltrate Goblin-town can now proceed without his interference.'