Quest:Iron for the Cauldron of Lugazag

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Iron for the Cauldron of Lugazag
Level 140
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Sergeant-at-Arms Kolr
Starts at Lugazag
Start Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [15.1S, 20.1W]
Ends with Sergeant-at-Arms Kolr
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I've orders from the Captain-General that need following, friend. You look the type of <player race> that knows well how to follow them, so I find myself here asking you to undertake a simple, though possibly dangerous task that needs doing and quickly.'

'To the north, at the foot of the great Misty Mountains, in the place called Arador's End, is the Isendeep. A great vein of ore runs through that place, and it is the iron we need now.

'Get the iron from the Isendeep and bring it to me, so that I may craft the cauldron to strengthen our walls. If you find no ore there or the mine is held by the Enemy, then take the fight to Grothum and slaughter the goblins who would mine there.'


Lugazag is in need of stronger defences. In order to build a significant defence, the Captain-General has ordered that a great cauldron of iron be forged and filled with oil.

Objective 1

In the Isendeep, to the north in the central part of Arador's End, you will find iron ore.

Sergeant-at-Arms Kolr received orders to forge a great iron cauldron to fill with oil. This cauldron will be used to defend the walls of Lugazag from the Enemy. You have been tasked with collecting the iron he needs to forge the cauldron.

Objective 2

Sergeant-at-Arms Kolr:

'This iron would better serve us as axes, hammers, and swords in less dire times. But as we stand here now, it seems the best course of action to make the cauldron to scorch our enemies and drive them off. You are thanked for these efforts.