Quest:Iron Belly of Tirith Rhaw

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Creep-icon.png Iron Belly of Tirith Rhaw
Faction Creep
Level 130
Type Solo
Starting Loc Tirith Rhaw
Start Soldier Gozad [17.5S, 14.6W]
Ending Loc Tirith Rhaw
Ends Soldier Gozad [17.5S, 14.6W]
Money Reward 14 Silver 64 Copper 
Rank change Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy (40)
Commendations Commendation-icon.png 15 Commendations
Repeatable Daily

Bestowal dialogue

'We are to build an iron cauldron and fill it with boiling oil to use against our enemies.

'Why would we eat flesh soured by the taste of oil? Fried flesh cannot be as healthy as raw meat picked from the bone, but I digress.

'The War-tyrant wills it, and we cede to his will. Head into the Ettenmoors and collect the iron carried by the dwarves or collect it from the Isendeep Mine. I care not where you get the materials, just return them to me and quickly. We must prepare!'


Tirith Rhaw belongs to Angmar, and the Free Peoples must be kept from within the walls. The War-tyrant bid his soldiers build a pot to boil oil in with which to douse the enemy as they try to assault the main corridor.

Objective 1

Iron ore can be found on the dwarves who fight for the Free Peoples or from the Isendeep Mine to the north.

Angmar's army is shoring up the defences at Tirith Rhaw. Gozad intends to build a massive iron pot to heat oil with which to douse the Free Peoples who attempt to assail the tower.

Objective 2

  • pending


Soldier Gozad: 'A savage temperament and a quick are an able one, aren't you. I shall speak well of you to the War-tyrant. You might yet earn his favour.'

Walkthrough and Notes

  • Once the quest is completed a total of 10 times amongst all creeps, it is no longer available until Tirith Rhaw is conquered again.