Quest:Iorbar's Peak - Challenge

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Iorbar's Peak - Challenge
Level 120
Type Small Fellowship
Repeatable Daily
Starts with The Road to Erebor
Starts at Iorbar's Peak
Start Region The Misty Mountains
Quest Group Iorbar's Peak
Quest Text


You have been tasked with retrieving the great eagle egg while keeping it safe from cracks or punctures. The safety of the egg is of the utmost importance, which is sure to be compromised in the hands of a stone-giant.

Objective 1

  • Find the location of the eagle egg upon Iorbar's Peak

The dangerous snow-covered paths twist up the mountain side in front of you.

You have begun seeking the current location of the egg, stolen by the giant Helf from the eagles.

Objective 2

  • Rescue the egg without it receiving any damage

The eagle egg awaits rescue at the summit of Iorbar's Peak.

Helf still poses a great danger to the egg while it is in his possession. You must be careful not to allow it not to become cracked when he unleashes his anger.