Quest:Instance: The Wizard and the King

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Instance: The Wizard and the King
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Mithrandir
Starts at Hall of the King
Start Region Minas Tirith (After Battle)
Map Ref [65.6S, 19.2W]
Quest Chain Allegiance: The Kingdom of Gondor
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Wizard and the King
"Night blankets the city, but we have climbed in darkness high above Minas Tirith. I know not Mithrandir's purpose."


You have come with Mithrandir and Elessar to a secret path high above Minas Tirith.

Objective 1

You have come with Mithrandir and Elessar to a secret path high above Minas Tirith.

King Elessar: 'I do not know why Mithrandir wished for us to climb the slope of Mindolluin, but I am pleased you are here as well, <name>. It will do us much good to breathe cold, clear air of the heights!
'Remain alert for members of the Withered Tree. They have continued to speak against my rule, and while there has been no outright violence since the slaying of Mauthoi, still I fear it may come.'

Objective 2

You have come with Mithrandir and Elessar to a secret path high above Minas Tirith.

King Elessar says, "I have seen much of my kingdom, but this steep path is unknown to me.
Mithrandir says, "It was made in ages past, and few ever came here.
Mithrandir says, "Only the kings were permitted to come to this high hallow.
King Elessar says, "Then it has been long indeed since any beheld this place!
Mithrandir says, "Morning comes.

Objective 3

  • Remain alert for any sign of danger

You have come with Mithrandir and Elessar to a secret path high above Minas Tirith, on the slopes of Mount Mindolluin.

Mithrandir says, "From this height, you can look out upon your realm.
Mithrandir says, "This is the heart of the greater realm that will rise.
Mithrandir says, "The Third Age ends, and a new age begins.
Mithrandir says, "It will be your duty to order its beginning, and preserve what may be.
Mithrandir says, "There are things that must now pass with the power of the Three Rings.
Mithrandir says, "The Elder Kindred must fade, and depart these shores.
King Elessar says, "Well do I know it, dear friend, but I still desire your counsel.
Mithrandir says, "For a little while, but my time is ending.
Mithrandir says, "The Third Age is coming to a close, and my time with it.
Mithrandir says, "Tomorrow's burdens will belong to you, and to your kindred.
King Elessar says, "But I am a mortal man, and will die.
King Elessar says, "I am of a line long-lived, but the number of my years will one day be counted.
King Elessar says, "Who then will govern Gondor?
King Elessar says, "The Tree in the Court of the Fountain is withered and barren.
King Elessar says, "Shall I never see a sign that it might be otherwise?
Mithrandir says, "Turn from the green world, and look where all seems cold and barren!
King Elessar says, "What am I to see?

Objective 4

  • Find the sapling of the White Tree by the snow line of Mount Mindolluin

A sapling grows by the snow line high atop Mount Mindolluin.

King Elessar says, "Can it be?
At the very edge of the snow grows a young sapling

Objective 4

  • Talk to King Elessar on Mindolluin

King Elessar is by the young sapling atop Mindolluin.

King Elessar: 'In shape and form this sapling is unmistakable, <name>! This can be nothing other than young growth of the White Tree, but that has been dead for hundreds of years and this sapling can be no more than seven years old!
'How can this wonder be possible?'

Objective 4

Mithrandir is by the young sapling atop Mindolluin.

Mithrandir: 'I see in this sapling much that identifies it as descended from the royal line of Telperion, Eldest of Trees, from which came through several generations the White Tree that grew in the Court of the Fountain. But that tree withered and died, and was left atop the city.
'But it seems now that a fruit was taken from it before it died, and was brought to this high hallow by unknown hands. It was left here on the mountainside, and the life within it lay sleeping. It remained here hidden for hundreds of years, much as the line of kings stayed hidden in the north.
'As the new age approached, the life sleeping within the fruit gave rise to this sapling, and it has grown here on the snow-line for a few years only. Remember this, King Elessar! The fruit ripens but rarely, yet if it does, one should be planted or the line might die out of the world.'
Instance: The Wizard and the King
King Elessar: 'I see in this discovery a sign that Gondor will once more come to prosperity, and the line of kings will survive the numbering of my own days. My heart is made glad!
'I will remove this sapling with care, and bring it to the Court of the Fountain, there to be planted. The White Tree will grow there, once again, and may the voices of the people sing with joy at the sight!'