Quest:Instance: The Treasure of Rohan

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Instance: The Treasure of Rohan
Level 82
Type Solo
Starts with Mysterious Old Man
Starts at Éomer's Vengeance
Start Region Entwash Vale
Map Ref [41.8S, 69.5W]
Ends with Shadowfax
Ends at The Entwash Vale
End Region Entwash Vale
Map Ref [43.2S, 69.1W]
Quest Group Entwash Vale
Quest Chain Thornhope
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The true treasure of Rohan does not lie in silver or gold, but in the herds of the noble horses which roam the plains of the Riddermark. Descended from the Mearas, these great beasts are prized by all, including the Dark Lord...."


You have journeyed to the horse-herd the mysterious old man directed you.

Objective 1

  • Defend the herd from attacking Orcs
  • At least one black horse must remain
  • Shadowfax must survive
  • Arod must survive
  • Hasufel must survive

Defend the herd from attacking Orcs.

Thieves and hunters are approaching from the south-west...protect the horses!
A black horse has been stolen
You have defended the herd from the attacking Orcs

Objective 2

  • Confront Shadowfax

Shadowfax is at the centre of the wild herd.

You should confront Shadowfax.

Shadowfax: The Lord of the Mearas whinnies and shakes his mane as you approach. When he calms, he looks upon you with regal approval.
Shadowfax: Shadowfax and his companions rear and gallop off in the directions of Éomer's Vengeance…where you must now return.