Quest:Instance: The Rite of Clúcath

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Instance: The Rite of Clúcath
Level 43
Type Solo only
Starts with Crannog
Starts at Aughaire
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [0.1S, 40.2W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Crannog's Challenge
Reflecting Pool Angmar Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

The Rite of Clúcath

"The free Hillmen of the Trév Gállorg have long been of their sister tribes. Now they prepare to again face the Trév Duvárdain in the Rite of Clúcath, a ceremonial rite of judgement..."


You have come to Fail-á-Khro to engage in the ceremonial rite of Clúcath on behalf of the Trév Gállorg.

Objective 1

Crannog is waiting to walk with you to the site where the Clúcath will be performed.

Crannog: 'Are you prepared, <name>. The rite of Clúcath will determine the fortunes of the Trév Gállorg, but we must be on guard: Domongart has been treacherous in the past, and there is small reason to expect that today will be different.
'But if you are victorious, it will mean much. It must be chanced.'

Objective 2

Crannog is waiting to walk with you to the site where the Clúcath will be performed.

Crannog says, "We are almost to Fail-á-Khro."
Crannog says, "We have arrived, and before the Trév Duvárdain."
Crannog says, "Wait. They approach."
Crannog says, "<name> is the warrior who took the Stone of Clúcath from the Cairn of Honour."

Objective 3

  • Watch the Clúcath unfold

The Clúcath is about to begin: Crannog of the Trév Gállorg and Domongart of the Trév Duvárdain are face-to-face.

Domongart says, "I know all about the southron, Crannog. I am not impressed."
Domongart says, "Our friends in Carn Dûm will crush you at the slightest of words from me."
Domongart says, "The Trév Duvárdain do not need to respond to your invocation of Clúcath."
Cána says, "You are frightened of us! You are spineless, Domongart!"
Crannog says, "Cána! Be still!"
Domongart says, "I am no coward. I do not shy from your feeble protestations of strength."
Domongart says, "We will have Clúcath, but with two changes."
Domongart says, "There will be two warriors. Both Drostan and Avair will fight for the Trév Duvárdain."
Cána says, "<name>, this is a trap! Drostan and Avair together...."
Crannog says, "What is your second demand?"
Domongart says, "The combat will be to the death. The Trév Duvárdain do not engage in the mock battles of children."
Crannog says, "We accept. <name> will fight for the Trév Gállorg."
Cána says, "I will fight alongside you, <name>."
Cána says, "You are a southron and our problems are not ours, but still you fight for us."
Cána says, "I stand with you."
Domongart says, "So be it."
Domongart says, "Drostan, Avair...kill them!"
Drostan says, "Death will find you swiftly!"
Avair says, "I will kill you as I killed Násan!"
Cána says, "For the Trév Gállorg!"
Drostan says, "I am defeated! Finish me!"
Avair says, "Finish me, you coward! You are spineless!"
Domongart says, "It seems my choice of warriors was poor."
Domongart says, "Kill them."
Cána says, "We will not. They will live."
Cána says, "That is the law of Clúcath."
Crannog says, "The Trév Gállorg show mercy, even to you and yours, Domongart."
Domongart says, "Then you are weak and deserve their company."
Domongart says, "I no longer count Avair or Drostan among the Trév Duvárdain and strip them of their names."
You have been victorious in the rite of Clúcath

Objective 4

  • Talk to Crannog

Crannog is at Fail-á-Khro, waiting to congratulate you on your victory.

You have been victorious in Clúcath and should speak now with Crannog.

Cána: 'You fought well and bravely, <name>. It was an honour to stand with you.'
Nekhtan: 'My heart is at ease, <name>. My father has been avenged, and I have upheld the principles of the Trév Gállorg and of Clúcath. I owe you much.'
Crannog: 'The Trév Gállorg have triumphed, <name>! You have brought victory to Fail-á-Khro, where sorrow has reigned too long.
'Speak with me when you are ready to return to Aughaire, and we will go.'
Crannog: 'We will return to Aughaire in triumph, <name>. When we left it, we left in doubt. We return now with the certainty of victory.'