Quest:Instance: The Matron and the Master

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Instance: The Matron and the Master
Level 43
Type Solo
Starts with Tasgall
Starts at Fasach-larran
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [2.5N, 38.4W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Strange Beasts
Reflecting Pool Angmar Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Two terrible beasts, Bangrath and Murragrath, threaten the safety of the Trév Gállorg, the Hillmen of Aughaire. Their reign of terror must be put to an end.


Tasgall's plan is ready, and the two of you must attempt to end the threat of Bangrath and Murragrath.

Objective 1

Tasgall's hunt has brought the two of you to the slopes of Nád Nathair.

Tasgall: 'I have the crawler-remains you gathered, <name>; do you smell their awful stench? To the hill-beasts, this odour will be impossible to resist!
'Let us begin our hunt, and we will lure Bangrath and Murragrath from hiding. Keep a watchful eye, for the hill-beasts will be drawn to the scent of the bait I carry.'

Objective 2

  • Escort Tasgall to the hill-beast nest in Nád Nathair

Tasgall's hunt has brought the two of you to the slopes of Nád Nathair.

Tasgall says, "Let us go, <name>. Do not let the rain interfere with your concentration."
Tasgall says, "We are seen, <race>. Steel yourself!"
Tasgall says, "There are more hill-beasts approaching."
Tasgall says, "We make our stand here, by this tree!"
Tasgall says, "Behind us, <name>!"
Tasgall says, "We are safe for now, but must press on."
Tasgall says, "I will put the bait on the flat stone, <name>. Ready yourself!"
Tasgall says, "This will call Bangrath and Murragrath, I am sure of it!"
Tasgall says, "To me, <name>! Bangrath is here!"
Tasgall says, "Thus ends Bangrath; she will no longer cause us pain. But where is Murragrath?"
Tasgall says, "Hold, <name>! I hear footsteps approaching!"
Tasgall says, "Stay alert. The Trév Duvárdain are not to be trusted."
Drostan says, "I thought I smelled the odor of the Trév Gállorg here."
Drostan says, "And you thought it was just the smell of hill-beast."
Tasgall says, "You are not worthy of notice, Drostan. I would not sully my blade with your blood."
Drostan says, "Strong words from a coward such as you, Tasgall."
Drostan says, "You have not called for Clúcath against us. You tremble at the memory of our strength."
Duvárdain Blood-dancer says, "Drostan, we have to go! Something comes!"
Drostan says, "I hope this <race> can fight, Tasgall. You are on your own!"
Tasgall says, "Murragrath is defeated! We are victorious, <name>, despite the interference of Drostan."
Tasgall: 'We have done well this day, <name>, despite the interference of the Trév Duvárdain. Tell me if you are ready to return to my campsite; I will not speak of Drostan and his ilk until we are safely out of danger.'