Quest:Instance: The Council of Herubrand

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Instance: The Council of Herubrand
Level 92
Type Solo
Starts with Herubrand
Starts at Herubrand's Hideout
Start Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [46.9S, 79.2W]
Quest Group Woodhurst
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Herubrand meets with his advisors to discuss the actions that they should take in response to the assault upon the Mead Hall of Woodhurst.


You have joined Herubrand as he meets with his council to discuss what should be done in the aftermath of the attack on the Mead Hall of Woodhurst.

Objective 1

Herubrand's council is meeting in the basement of the farm-house, and Herubrand has invited you to join them.

Herubrand: 'The council has gathered, and the time has come to discuss our actions in response to the attack. We must attempt to secure Woodhurst and find a way to protect our people. There is something malevolent working against us here.'

Objective 2

  • Observe the council meeting

Herubrand's council is meeting in the basement of the farm-house, and Herubrand has invited you to join them.

Herubrand says, "Good, everyone has arrived. It is time to begin."
Herubrand says, "I want to thank you three for saving Briant and me during the attack."
Herubrand says, "We would have died with my wife and father if not for your quick thinking."
Herubrand says, "These injuries will heal, but I still live to see that this city does not fall."
Herubrand says, "We must find those who killed my family!"
Herubrand says, "But, who is our enemy? We could not determine who those men were."
Herubrand says, "They looked like men from Woodhurst, though none of their faces were familiar..."
Herubrand says, "Is anyone safe, if we cannot even keep the mead hall secure?"
Elda says, "Not to interrupt, but do we know this <class> can be trusted?"
Herubrand says, "I would not have invited <name> to the council if I thought doing so would risk our safety."
Elda says, "Given the events of late, I simply feel it is unwise to put trust in this newcomer. I meant no offence."
Calin says, "It may be wise to speak with the guards around the city to see if they have seen suspicious activity?"
Arnwi says, "I am not convinced that is as wise as it may seem."
Arnwi says, "The night we were attacked, two guards stood watch outside the mead hall."
Arnwi says, "Yet I saw no guard assist our struggle, nor were they injured or dead outside the door."
Arnwi says, "Their absence is suspicious, and I am not sure the guards can be trusted."
Herubrand says, "We must start somewhere. I agree, we should see if the guards might help point us in the right direction."
Herubrand says, "If those sworn to protect us went missing, that is troubling. We should discuss this with the captain."
Calin says, "Trouble seems to be brewing in the lower quarters of Woodhurst."
Calin says, "Are the Dunlendings there suspected to be behind this attack?"
Arnwi says, "No, the Dunlending are our brothers too. We have long lived together in peace here."
Elda says, "We could just as easily blame the Rohirrim."
Elda says, "Whom I'm sure are enthralled with us for letting this city become so dangerous for them."
Elda says, "Speaking of which, do any remain, or have they all left? Is that not suspicious?"
Herubrand says, "Enough."
Herubrand says, "Bickering about this will get us nowhere."
Herubrand says, "We have nothing to base our suspicions on any particular people."
Herubrand says, "I want to catch whoever is behind this, but we should not jump to conclusions."
Herubrand says, "We will see what the guards and the captain have to say."
Arnwi says, "Yes, my Reeve."
Calin says, "Yes, my Reeve."
Elda says, "Yes, my Reeve."
Herubrand: 'We will speak again shortly, once the others have departed. I may not know you well, but you told me of my family and of the scene at the Mead Hall, when the others would not. I believe you have earned my trust.'