Quest:Instance: Sworn to Secrecy

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Instance: Sworn to Secrecy
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Angbor
Starts at Tumladen
Start Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [77.7S, 28.9W]
Ends with Lady Terenis
Ends at Great Hall of Tumladen
End Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [75.8S, 30.6W]
Quest Chain Tumladen
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Sworn to Secrecy
"Sent by Aragorn himself, Lord Angbor the Fearless has come to Tumladen bearing news of the victory at Pelargir for Lady Terenis as well as tidings that might assuage her fears of her brother's fate."


At the request of Aragorn, Lord Angbor has come to Tumladen to privately deliver a message of victory to Lady Terenis.

Objective 1

Angbor can be found inside the Great Hall of Tumladen.

You have arrived in the Great Hall and should now speak to Angbor.

Angbor: 'There she stands, <name>. Come, let us be done with this errand.'

Objective 2

Lady Terenis and Angbor can be found in the Great Hall of Tumladen.

You have arrived in the Great Hall with Angbor, and should now approach Lady Terenis.

Angbor says, "Only for my King do I do this..."
Angbor says, "I have come bearing a missive for your eyes alone, Lady Terenis."
Angbor says, "It should put an end to your curiosity and to your foolish threats against <name>."
Lady Terenis says, "There is no need for all this posturing, Angbor. If you will tell me what I wish to know, I shall not stand in your way."
Lady Terenis says, "Come, both of you, join me by the fire..."
Angbor says, "And some wonder why I chose the life of a warrior, not a diplomat..."

Objective 3

  • Follow Lord Angbor and Lady Terenis to the fireplace

Lady Terenis and Angbor can be found in the Great Hall of Tumladen.

You should follow Lady Terenis and Angbor to the fireplace in the rear of the Great Hall.

Objective 4

  • Listen as Lord Angbor and Lady Terenis speak

Lady Terenis and Angbor can be found in the Great Hall of Tumladen.

Lord Angbor is now speaking with Lady Terenis about the battle at Pelargir. You should listen to their conversation.

Lady Terenis says, "It is interesting that you have gone so far out of your way to visit Tumladen..."
Angbor says, "Indeed it is, but I would not ignore the command of my captain... and my King."
Angbor says, "You see, the man you once knew as Thorongil has returned to Gondor, and in his wake there is a force unlike any I have ever imagined."
Lady Terenis says, "Thorongil! It cannot be! He was a man in my youth - would not he have grown old after so many years?"
Angbor says, "His age is absent in his face, but it is he - Aragorn as he is now known. Only he could have won such a victory at Pelargir."
Lady Terenis says, "I knew it. I knew victory had been won! You must tell me of it, Angbor!"
Angbor says, "Aragorn has bidden me to tell you of this, that it may ease your mind and give you hope for the fate of the White City..."
Angbor says, "...but you must swear an oath to never speak of these truths, just as <name> and I have."
Lady Terenis says, "If Thorongil has bidden it, I shall obey. I swear upon the lives of my sons and my brother that I shall never speak of this again."
Angbor says, "I shall hold you to your word, my Lady, for the fate of Gondor may rest on it. Very well..."
Angbor says, "I was fighting at Linhir against the Corsairs and Southrons, and a wave of dread passed over all that battled."
Angbor says, "I stood firm, unwilling to abandon the city to the Enemy, but the others... they fled. All of them - my men, the Southrons, and the Corsairs!"
Angbor says, "And then I saw it... the banner of a King and the vast, terrifying force that followed him."
Angbor says, "There were Men, yes, but the forms of the Dead walked amongst them and fought alongside their captain."
Angbor says, "When he lifted his helmet, I knew his face at once. Thorongil had returned, and I swore myself to his service at once!"
Angbor says, "Onward we fought into the East, until we reached Pelargir. The Corsairs held it entirely and would not have been moved if not for him!"
Angbor says, "The Dead swept over the entire Corsair force and drove them into the Great River."
Angbor says, "For that deed, he freed the Dead from their curse and now sails up-river to the White City on the Corsairs' empty ships."
Angbor says, "The Enemy knows not of his plan, and they must not learn of it until it is too late!"
Lady Terenis says, "This... is beyond belief, and yet, I hear truth in your voice."
Lady Terenis says, "I shall not endanger my brother or Thorongil - I swear it!"
Angbor says, "I trust that you will not, Terenis."
Angbor says, "I cannot delay any longer, my Lady. I must return to my men before any more time is lost."
Lady Terenis says, "Angbor..."
Lady Terenis says, "Thank you."
Angbor says, "Do not thank me yet..."
Angbor says, "Remain here for a time, <name>. The Lady shall have need of you... of this I am certain."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Lady Terenis

Lady Terenis can be found in the rear of the Great Hall of Tumladen.

Lord Angbor has returned to the fields of Lebennin with his host, and has left you to aid Lady Terenis.

Lady Terenis: 'I know we have had disagreements, but you will honour Angbor's charge, won't you? I hope I did not make you wish to leave so soon!
'I fear for the people of Lebennin, and your aid could prove invaluable!'
Completed: Instance: Sworn to Secrecy
Lady Terenis: 'You will remain in Tumladen for a time, will you not?'