Quest:Instance: Short of Stature, Great in Deed

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Instance: Short of Stature, Great in Deed
Level 77
Type Solo
Starts with Hestil
Starts at Parth Galen
Start Region The East Wall
Map Ref [58.8S, 47.7W]
Quest Group East Wall
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"I have been in this cage for what seems like days! Are my friends coming to rescue me or not? Should they even bother? They have probably left already."


It is time for Hestil's group of adventurers-for-hire to rescue their guardian from his captivity, and you have agreed to help with the task.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Hestil outside the Uruk camp

Hestil is outside the Uruk encampment on Amon Hen, waiting to speak with you before setting the plan into motion.

Hestil: 'There is the encampment, <name>. Do you remember the plan? You and Maedal will creep up to the entrance so you can spy on the activities of the Uruks within the walls. Once you have determined that things are as we expect them to be, Rodwen and I will drop into the camp from above while Cúfaron sows confusion among the Uruks with his arrows.
'I have tasked Ramdir with keeping an eye on Isteron. Our lore-master has decided that he wants to study the effect of some plant he found on the Uruks, and I… well, I am sure Ramdir can keep him from interfering with the plan.
'It is time, <name>. May good fortune shine on all of us, and we will have Drafli Broadshield back with us before the moon is any higher in the night sky!'
Hestil says, "<name> is ready, Maedal, if you are."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Maedal outside the Uruk camp

Maedal is outside the Uruk camp on Amon Hen, waiting to speak with you for your part of the plan to rescue Drafli Broadshield from captivity.

Maedal: 'Our part of the plan to free Drafli should be easy, <name>. We are to sneak up to the gate and listen to the conversation of the Uruks. Listen for anything that would make us need to change our plans.
'I may not be much of a Captain, but I will be the best Burglar I can for my friends. Follow me, and do not let yourself be seen!'

Objective 3

  • Listen to the situation within the Uruk camp
  • Avoid being seen!

You need to observe what's going on inside the Uruk camp on Amon Hen. Be careful not to be seen!

Maedal says, "This way, and stay quiet!"
Uruk Warrior says, "Is that so?"
Uruk Warrior says, "It's true. Some of the boys think we might not have the right one."
Uruk Warrior says, "What do you mean? The bosses want halflings, we got a halfling."
Uruk Warrior says, "Is it a halfling, though? The boys say it's a dwarf."
Uruk Warrior says, "It's half as tall as we are, isn't it? That's a halfling."
Uruk Warrior says, "Are you sure that's what that means?"
Maedal says, "Ramdir? What's he doing back here? Where is Isteron?"
Maedal says, "Pssst... Ramdir! Where is Isteron?"
Uruk Warrior says, "What?! Get him!"
Isteron says, "Glowers! This way for glowers! They are flowers, and they glow!"
Maedal says, "New plan, <name>!"
Maedal says, "You save Drafli from his cage! We will rescue Isteron from his own folly!"

Objective 4

The Uruk camp has mostly emptied in pursuit of Isteron! You need to go and rescue Drafli Broadshield while the others see to Isteron's well-being.

Defeated Drafli's guard
Drafli Broadshield says, "Don't bother, <name>. There's no point in setting me free."

Objective 5

Drafli Broadshield is inside his cage in the Uruk camp on Amon Hen. You need to speak to him to get him out of his depression.

Drafli Broadshield: 'It is no use, <name>. My friends are better off without me. I am no use as a guardian. Look at me! Stuck in this cage, depending on someone else to free me. That is not the way of a dwarf!'
You tell Drafli that his friends are endangered and need his help.
'But what can I do? I am stuck here in this cage!'
  • Wait for Drafli to recover his self-confidence
Drafli Broadshield says, "Oh, what can I do?"
Drafli Broadshield says, "I have to get out of here!"
Drafli Broadshield says, "My friends need me!"
Drafli Broadshield says, "Yes! Did you see that? No cage can contain Drafli Broadshield!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Drafli Broadshield

Drafli Broadshield has recovered his confidence and needs to speak to you.

Drafli Broadshield: 'Ha ha! I am ready to fight once more, <name>! I am a dwarf, I am a guardian, and I am free! Now let us go save my friends!'
Drafli Broadshield says, "Follow me, <name>!"
  • Fight up the slope of Amon Hen to Isteron with Drafli
Rodwen says, "Drafli! It is good to have you back!"
Cúfaron says, "Take that! Take that! I have hunted much deadlier foes than you!"
Maedal says, "Up the hill, Drafli! Isteron needs your help!"
Hestil says, "Hurry, Drafli! Something terrible awaits at the top!"
Drafli Broadshield says, "What's going on here?"

Objective 7

Isteron is in trouble near the top of Amon Hen.

Isteron: 'The glowers worked tremendously, <name>! I cannot believe I took glistershade so much for granted! All they do is glow? Sometimes that is enough!
'But they can't help us now, can they? Look at that thing!'

Objective 8

Hestil's group of adventurers-for-hire is in danger near the summit of Amon Hen.

Ramdir says, "Stay back, creature of shadow!"
Grim Southron says, "I could crush you into paste, foolish one."
Rodwen says, "It would cost you dearly, servant of Sauron!"
Grim Southron says, "Tell me what I want to know, and I will let you live."
Grim Southron says, "One of you stood by the stone seat atop this hill."
Grim Southron says, "Tell me who it was and you will be rewarded."
Hestil says, "We have nothing to say to you."
Drafli Broadshield says, "I will speak!"
Grim Southron says, "You are wise to obey, dwarf."
Drafli Broadshield says, "I will speak with this axe!"
Grim Southron says, "Disobedient fools!"
Ramdir says, "I am Ramdir, a Warden of Minas Ithil! Your time is ended, creature of shadow!"
Grim Southron says, "My time? My time is dawning! My master's victory is near at hand!"

Objective 9

Ramdir is near the summit of Amon Hen, and you should speak to him.

Ramdir: 'That was a fortunate gambit, <name>! We survived, but I do not dare to call that a triumph. We must leave the East Wall as soon as we can, for the wraith may return when it recovers from the disappointment of which it spoke.
'We cannot stay here.'
Ramdir: 'Let us hurry back to Parth Galen, <name>. We do not want to be here when our foe returns.'