Quest:Instance: Scars of Battle

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Instance: Scars of Battle
Level 118
Type Solo
Starts with Dori
Starts at Dôm Goru
Start Region Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Map Ref [33.2N, 38.6W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Ered Mithrin
Quest Chain Marks of a Conspiracy
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The Zhélruka revealed that Vethúg Wintermind carved a great cleft through the Grey Mountains as he fell wounded from battle. Now Dori and Company seek to prove that the great cold-drake who slew King Dáin I has truly met his doom."


After learning that Vethúg Wintermind fell upon the foothills of Winterstith, Dori and Company have decided to seek the fallen cold-drake and discover some final proof of his demise.

Objective 1

Náth can be found at the Bitter Scar.

You have travelled to the end of the Bitter Scar with Dori and Company, you now prepare to search for the remains of Vethúg Wintermind. You should speak to Náth.

Náth: '<name>!
'Dori, Glóin and Bofur have travelled deeper into the rift on foot. It grows narrower and more treacherous ahead, and so I offered to tend the goats.
'Of course, that was not the only reason Dréri and I have remained behind! We Stout-axes are hardy dwarves, but we are not accustomed to such cold weather. Ah, but I think these Longbeards would not feel so at home on the plains of Dor Amarth!
'In truth, I feel a sense of dread in the shadows of the Grey Mountains. It is nothing more than a feeling, I think, but there is something about this place that has left me uneasy.
'It has been some time. You should go ahead and see what is keeping the others.'
  • Listen to Náth
Náth says, "I do not know how far the rift continues into Winterstith, but tread cautiously!"

Objective 2

Dori, Bofur, and Glóin have ventured into the Bitter Scar.

You should follow Dori, Bofur, and Glóin into the Bitter Scar.

Dori, Glóin, and Bofur stand huddled near the end of the Bitter Scar...

Objective 3

  • Talk to Dori in the Bitter Scar

Dori can be found in the Bitter Scar.

You have travelled to the end of the Bitter Scar and rejoined Dori and Company, but there is no sign of the remains of Vethúg Wintermind.

Bofur says, "Dori! <name> has caught up to us!"
Dori: 'I do not like the look of this...
'Either we have been deceived by the Zhélruka or Vethúg was not as wounded as he appeared to be! There is no mistaking that Vethúg tore this rift in the foothills of Winterstith, but it is where he has gone that concerns me!
'Do you see these marks in the earth? I first thought nothing of them, but there are signs of battle here among the fallen stones of Winterstith! Unless the great cold-drake battled only against rocks and ice as they fell, some other foe must have come to this place. I know few who could withstand the might of Vethúg Wintermind, and so I fear this is the work of Karazgar!
'Perhaps you can uncover the truth of what has happened here, <name>.'

Objective 4

  • Examine the signs of battle in the Bitter Scar

Signs of battle can be found at the end of the Bitter Scar.

You have come upon the aftermath of a struggle between Vethúg Wintermind and an unknown foe. You should examine the signs of battle to determine what has happened.

Glóin says, "I think we have seen enough, Dori."
Glóin says, "The great cold-drake is gone! That is all we need to know."
Dori says, "Perhaps that is true, Glóin... but we will wait until <name> has had a look at this mess."
Rimed Earth
Shards of ice litter the ground, betraying a final, futile struggle by Vethúg Wintermind...
Pile of Rust
Only Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior, could have left this behind...
Black Arrow: "A bloodied, black arrow."
You are able to free a bloodied, black arrow from the frozen earth...

Objective 5

  • Deliver the black arrow to Dori

Dori can be found in the Bitter Scar.

You have discovered that a great struggle occurred between Karazgar and Vethúg Wintermind, and it seems Karazgar was the victor. You should speak to Dori at once.

Dori: 'Rust... and rime. It is as I feared, <name>.
'Was Vethúg slain by Karazgar's hand or did the Weeping Warrior find some crueller purpose for the great cold-drake?'
Dori glances at the damaged remains of the bloodied, black arrow.
'If Vethúg Wintermind lives still, he will not have forgotten the hurts done to him by the Longbeards and Bardings...
'We must go.'

Objective 6

  • Leave the Bitter Scar with Dori and Company

Dori can be found in the Bitter Scar.

You have discovered concerning evidence that Karazgar may have slain or taken Vethüg Wintermind from the Bitter Scar. You should leave at once with Dori and Company.

Dori says, "Let us return to the others. There will be time enough to tell them what we have learned!"
Bofur says, "What are we to do? The King under the Mountain must hear of this!"
Dori says, "We are too few in number to hunt the great cold-drake, and too far from Erebor to deliver a warning."
Glóin says, "Perhaps Karazgar has finished our task for us! After all, he is a dutiful collector of dragons' bones!"
Dori says, "Or perhaps Vethúg devoured him whole. Until we have found Nori, it matters not."
Dori says, "I hear footfalls ahead. Hold."

Objective 7

  • Witness the meeting of the companions of Dori and Ingór

Ingór, son of Vékun, has come to the Bitter Scar with a company of his own and appears eager to speak to Dori and Company.

You should remain on guard and defend Dori and Company if the need arises.

A company of Zhélruka blocks the way!
Ingór says, "What have we here?"
Ingór says, "Three old Longbeards... and you, <class>! I never forget a face."
Ingór says, "Who are you and who are these Longbeards? What business have you in the Grey Mountains?"
Dori says, "I am Dori, and these are my companions Glóin, Bofur, and <name>."
Dori says, "You speak true. We are old dwarves... nothing more."
Bofur says, "Speak for yourself, Dori."
Dori says, "We have set out on one last, great adventure to search for the lost heirlooms of our forefathers."
Ingór says, "But what of <name> and the two Kámbrada with whom you ride?"
Dori says, "Kámbrada? I do not understand. Do you speak of Náth and Dréri?"
Vozdo says, "Yes, the Stout-axes! Filthy boar-whiskered dwarves!"
Malek says, "Lickspittles of the Witch-king!"
Ingór says, "Silence!"
Ingór says, "It is true that old wounds still linger between the Kámbrada and the Zhélruka."
Ingór says, "Our peoples once warred over the wealth of the Ered Cernin, but that was long ago."
Ingór says, "All that remains of the Kámbrada is a line thin of blood and beard."
Ingór says, "They are no enemies of mine."
Dori says, "Is that so? You have spoken much, but still we know nothing of you."
Ingór says, "Very well. I am Ingór, son of Vékun II, and brother to King Ótek VII."
Ingór says, "It was the will of my father before he died that Dómekh be reclaimed."
Ingór says, "That is my charge."
Dori says, "It is a noble one, Ingór. May you find what you seek!"
Dori says, "As for my companions and me, I think it best that we continue on our journey."
Ingór says, "Do you plan to travel by the dark road? Even now, the Men Angrún is fraught with peril."
Ingór says, "For nothing in return, I can give you safe passage to the old Longbeard fortress of Skarháld."
Ingór says, "I believe you may find what you seek there!"
Ingór says, "Do you accept my offer?"
Ingór crosses his arms and waits for Dori's response...

Objective 8

  • Talk to Dori

Dori can be found in the Bitter Scar.

Ingór has revealed himself to be a Prince of the Zhélruka, and he has offered Dori and Company safe passage to Skarháld. You should speak to Dori and see if he wishes to accept.

Dori: 'Listen to me, <name>.'
Dori's voice drops to a whisper.
'Do not think I choose my words to make a fool of myself. This Prince seems wiser than his kinfolk, but I do not trust these Zhélruka.
'If they make for Dómekh then they make for Thikil-gundu, and the Zhélruka do not share the spoils of delving and war. If Ingór was to learn that our path also leads to the Steel Keep, I do not think we would find him so friendly much longer.
'I believe the only way this can be settled without the spilling of dwarf-blood is to accept Ingór's offer of passage to Skarháld.'
  • Listen to Dori
Dori says, "You are fortunate, Ingór, son of Vékun that I have not judged you by the harsh words of your companions."
Dori says, "Were that so, I would be forced to reject your offer... as any proud dwarf would!"
Dori says, "I accept your offer, Ingór, son of Vékun. Let us ride to Skarháld!"
Instance: Scars of Battle
Dori: 'Let us follow these Zhélruka to Skarháld, <name>, but speak not of our true purpose.'