Quest:Instance: Return to Azanarukâr

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Instance: Return to Azanarukâr
Level 60
Type Solo only
Starts with Lenglammel
Starts at Gwathrendath
Start Region The Foundations of Stone
Map Ref [12.9S, 100.7W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 8
Reflecting Pool Moria Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Return to Azanarukâr
"In the depths of Azanarukâr, the sorceries of Gorothûl have set into motion an evil that cannot be ignored. You have come with Magor into the dark reaches, and must end this threat before it is too late."


You have come to Azanarukâr with Magor in search of an artifact left by Gorothúl in the depths.

Objective 1

In the depths of Azanarukâr, Magor wishes to fight alongside you in search of the artifact he believes Gorothúl left there.

Magor: 'Here we are, <name>, where once we came before: the deepest reaches of Azanarukâr. I have come here often since we first met, though better equipped than on that adventure. The Lady of the Wood has given me a great Elf-stone and many things have fled before its light.
'We should be cautious, as there were Regmyl here before, and I saw them carrying an artifact of great evil. I do not see them now, but they are surely not far.
'Let us proceed, friends, and see what lies before us in Azanarukâr.'
Magor says, "This way, friends. I will show you where I beheld the artifact."
Magor says, "I only hope that the Elf-stone given to me by Lady Galadriel will be enough to preserve our strength."
Magor says, "There were regmyl here. Where have they gone?"
Magor says, "We are not alone! A caerog lies in wait!"
Magor says, "The light of the Elves shall overcome you!"
Magor says, "Good, my friends! He is cast down and the way ahead is clear!"
Magor says, "I sense something terrible ahead, my friends. Can you feel it?"
Magor says, "Elbereth preserve us."
Magor says, "It is as we feared! The many forms of Grawulun the Caerog have been drawn to Azanarukâr!"
Magor says, "Behold! They work some evil with the beacon of Gorothûl!"
Magor says, "Carefully now... let us get closer...."
Magor says, "The caeryg... it is as if they do not see that we are here."
Magor says, "And look, the beacon... it glows with a sickening light...."
Magor says, "Give me a moment to examine the artifact."
Magor says, "This must not be! It is worse than we feared, <name>!"
Magor says, "The caeryg are magnifying the power of Gorothûl's beacon! They beseech Gwathnor to return!"
Magor says, "Quickly now, destroy the artifact before Gwathnor can heed the call!"
Magor says, "I shall strike at the caeryg when they react to its destruction!"

Objective 2

You have found the relic within Azanarukâr, and should destroy it to prevent further of Gorothúl's schemes from hatching.

A wave of dread passes through you as the relic is destroyed, then is gone.
Magor says, "Ai! Gwathnor is returned!"
Magor says, "Behold the light of the Elves!"
Magor says, "Some of the strength lent to him by the caeryg has been driven from him."
Magor says, "We must defeat the forms of Grawulun if we are to overcome Gwathnor!"
Your mighty blow defeated the Form of Grawulun.
Magor says, "Flee before the light of the Lady of the Wood!"
Magor says, "More of Gwathnor's strength has been driven from him!"
Your mighty blow defeated the Form of Grawulun.
Magor says, "The light of the Elf-stone shall weaken this beast!"
Magor says, "The last of the caeryg's strength has been driven from him! Gwathnor stands alone!"
Magor says, "Our greatest challenge lies before us, friends!"

Objective 3

  • Defeat Gwathnor
  • [FAIL] Do not allow Gwathnor or his allies to approach the exit
  • Defend Magor

Gwathnor has awakened, and he must be defeated in order to prevent the growth of his power.

Defeated Gwathnor
Magor says, "It is done! The servant of Shadow and Flame is defeated once more!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Magor
  • Defend Magor

Magor is waiting to speak with you in the depths of Azanarukâr after your defeat of Gwathnor and the forms of Grawulun.

Magor: 'We have ended Gwathnor's growing strength and dispersed the forms of Grawulun that were drawn to Azanarukâr, <name>. We have won a short victory, a small respite -- without the beacon of Gorothúl, it will be some time before Gwathnor and his servants can again find the world above.
'But it will not last forever. We do not possess the means of destroying these creatures, lesser spirits though they be -- they are beyond our ability. We can hinder them for a time, and hope the peace we buy is worth the dangers.
'I feel it is.'
Magor: 'Are you ready to leave? There is nothing to hold us here; we should return to the upper levels, where the air is clean.'