Quest:Instance: Retake Weathertop

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Instance: Retake Weathertop
Level 23
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Candaith
Starts at Candaith's Encampment
Start Region Lone-lands
Map Ref [30.1S, 37.9W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 2
Reflecting Pool Lone-lands Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Retake Weathertop
"Weathertop... once a watchtower of the Dúnedain, now a refuge for Orcs. Candaith the Ranger strives to break their foothold in the Weather Hills...."


The Ranger Candaith has enlisted your aid in a quest to remove the threat of Orcs from the Weather Hills. Candaith believes that the presence of Orcs from the South upon Weathertop is a precursor to an invasion of Eriador.

Objective 1

You have arrived at the foot of Weathertop to discover that Orcs from the South have made their way to the crest. Candaith awaits your assistance in driving the war-band from the ruins of Amon Sûl.

Candaith: 'We must make haste, <name>. We have the leaders of these Uruk-hai cornered like rats upon the slopes of Weathertop. If we can defeat them, we may yet break the will of this war-band and drive them whimpering to their masters in the South. Be prepared for anything.'
  • Protect Candaith
Candaith says, "Their leaders have all gathered on the hill."
White Hand Conscript says, "Keep a close watch. We don't want no surprises."
Candaith says, "Wait! Let the patrol move out of sight."
White Hand Conscript says, "Anything comes this way, and it'll be sorry."
White Hand Conscript says, "Kill 'em! Kill 'em all!"
Candaith says, "This torch may prove useful."
Candaith says, "One of you take that torch...."
Candaith says, "Perhaps we can light a fire to draw the goblins' attention."
Candaith says, "We might split their forces."
Candaith says, "Be prepared for anything."
White Hand Conscript says, "Kill 'em! Kill 'em all!"

Objective 2

  • Speak with Candaith

A small force of goblins greeted you at the foot of Weathertop. Candaith has sent you upon the lath to the left, while he will clear the path to the right, meeting once again upon the crest of Weathertop.

Candaith says, "The road diverges ahead. We will need to split up."
Candaith says, "Remember the torches. We may avoid a skirmish or two."
Candaith says, "We need to be swift. These Orcs must be driven out of the Lone-lands."
Candaith says, "We cannot fail here, friends."
Candaith: 'The path diverges ahead. I shall follow the trail to the right, you follow the path to the left. If all goes well, we will meet again upon the peak of Weathertop. Wait until I have passed from sight before you proceed.
'Remember, we must defeat the leaders of this war band if we are to discourage them. Use the torches you find on the unlit pyres along the path. They may draw the attention of nearby Orcs.
Candaith says, "I will travel to the right."
Candaith says, "You take the path to the left...."
Candaith says, "We will meet at the crest of Weathertop."
Candaith says, "If you come across Bûb-hosh or Muz, defeat them."

Objective 3

Candaith sent you up one branch of the path up Weathertop, while he took the other, in search of the leaders of the Orc war-band.

Seek out the enemies Bûb-hosh and Muz
Bûb-hosh shouts as he approaches, 'What's all this ruckus, you curs!?'
Bûb-hosh says, "Ungrateful worms! Sharkû will hear about this!"
Bûb-hosh says, "Your life ends now, Man!"
Bûb-hosh says, "Fly, fly from here! We are defeated!"
Bûb-hosh says, "Avenge me, worms!"
Defeated Bûb-hosh
Muz says, "I'll feed you to the Wargs!"
Muz says, "I've a surprise for you!"
Defeated Muz, the Warg-keeper
Throk-goth's howl directs his minions to attack <name>!
White Hand Warg-keeper says, "I'll kill the <race>"
White Hand Lookout says, "I'll get the goblins and Orcs. We'll get this târk!"

Objective 4

Somewhere above you on the path, Candaith waits to speak with you again.

You have defeated two of the leaders of the Orc war-band.

Candaith: 'You have done well, <name>, better than I, it appears. Uruk-hai and Orcs nearly bested me and my wounds run deep.
'But you must not concern yourself with me now. Beyond that gate is the Uruk who leads this force. Pass through the gate and defeat him. We cannot allow these Orcs to have a hold in the north.'
  • Escort Candaith to the gate
Candaith says, "I fear my injuries are greater than I expected, friends."
Candaith says, "I will open the gate and hold the rear guard."
Candaith says, "I will remain here to stop the enemy, should they decide to flee."
Candaith says, "Be prepared for anything."

Objective 5

You have found the leader of Saruman's expedition, the Uruk Rigûl. You must defeat Rigûl and his minions to break their will and drive them from the Weather Hills.

Find and defeat the Uruk-hai leader
Rigûl says, "Pick up the pace, you sluggards!"
White Hand Lookout says, "What's the hurry, Rigul? The hill's ours...."
Rigûl says, "That's the half of it, toad! We'll not keep Sharkû waiting!"
Rigûl says, "Get down the hill and bring up the logs. We've a pyre to build."
White Hand Bow-master says, "Get them logs up with what? You talk too big, Rigûl."
Rigûl says, "Use your head. you worthless slug!"
Rigûl says, "Get Olog-snaga down there and put him to work!"
Rigûl says, "Feel the might of the Uruk-hai!"
Rigûl says, "I'll not be beaten by you! I've a little surprise!"
Rigûl says, "Now you die!"
Rigûl says, "Saruman will find you!"
Defeated Rigûl
White Hand Lookout says, "I'll split your skull for that!"
White Hand Gourger says, "I'll see you ended, maggot!"
Defeated Olog-snaga

Objective 6

  • Speak with Candaith

The Uruk-hai expedition lies in ruins. You have won the day. You should speak with Candaith.

Candaith: 'My wounds are grievous, but I shall recover. Come, we shall return to my camp.'
Candaith says, "You did very well, friends. Unh...."
Candaith says, "You did very well. Unh...."