Quest:Instance: Red-pass

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Instance: Red-pass
Level 30
Type Fellowship
Starts with Radagast the Brown
Starts at Ost Guruth
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.0S, 29.5W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 2
Reflecting Pool Lone-lands Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"The Gaunt-lord Ivar spreads corruption through Agamaur, the Red Swamp, raising a host of evil to do the bidding of Angmar...."


Ruins of the ancient kingdom of Rhudaur, twisted by time and the touch of a dark evil, lay before you. Alongside Radagast the Brown, you must find Elsa and Eriac and assist them against the Gaunt-lord, Ivar the Blood-hand, and his undead minions.

Objective 1

You have travelled with Radagast into the corrupted swamp of Agamaur. Aid him as he travels to the Eglain-encampment to the west.

Radagast: 'We must go west to the Eglain-encampment. Elsa and Eriac will be waiting, and I can better attend to the corruption from there.
'The power which continues to corrupt this swamp is terrible, but we may not have to face it alone. The beasts tell me that there are shades of Emelin's kind which dwell here and may be convinced to aid the Eglain. I do not know why they do not remain with their own kind, but they at least have not brought harm to the Eglain.
'Now, we must hurry...the very trees scream in pain. I must see what I can do to help them as quickly as possible. Follow me, though I cannot promise aid, for I fear I will need all of my strength to face Ivar the Blood-hand.'
Radagast says, "Let us head for the camp."
Radagast says, "Come to me, my friends!"
Radagast says, "So my friend, what troubles you? I see that this corruption has affected everything."
Radagast says, "I will do my best to help you. Come with me."
Radagast says, "Lîn bellas gala!"
Radagast says, "Beware friends, this Dourroot is angered!"
Radagast says, "A shame that such a great tree must leave this earth. Hurry, now."
Radagast says, "It is a fine day indeed, I think, good friend."
Radagast says, "I could not agree more. There are some beautiful ponds here."
Radagast says, "Come along now, follow me to safety."
Radagast says, "It would seem this gate has been sealed by an evil power..."
Radagast says, "I believe though that I can open it...."
Radagast says, "A Belain, minnatham!"
Radagast says, "Greetings, my four-footed friend. What brings you here?"
Radagast says, "That is not good at all. Allow me to help. Come."
Radagast says, "Hello there, friend. An acorn? For me? Why, thank you!"
Radagast says, "Where do you keep finding all these acorns in this corrupt place? Thank you, thank you."
Radagast says, "Well met, sir. Where have the Eglain gone?"
Dannasen says, "I can speak not of such matters. Neven bids that I hold my post, no matter what."
Radagast says, "Speak to this shade again, perhaps there is more that he can tell us."
Radagast says, "I must see to the safety of my little friends here."
Radagast says, "Come, my little friends."

Objective 2

The leader of the shades resides at the seemingly abandoned Eglain-encampment.

The defeat of Dour-root has opened the way into the western ruins, where the shades Radagast spoke of dwell. Radagast asked that you entreat with Dannasen, their leader, for their aid.

Dannasen: 'Neven orders me to hold my post, and I must obey. He is our commander. I am under his charge, as are my men. Honour binds us, even greater than the curse of Iarwain Ben-adar.

Objective 3

Neven's throne is further northward into the ruins.

Neven holds some sway over the shade-captain, Dannasen. Perhaps if you speak with him you may find a way to alter Dannasen's orders.

Dannasen: 'I will not forsake my commander, though he is so very changed. I cannot disobey his orders while he remains. If thou wish us to fight, thou must entreat with Neven. His seat is to the north.'
Neven says, "Your presence is unwelcome, but amusing. What did you hope to accomplish, I wonder?"
Neven says, "It will not matter...soon I shall claim your bones for Ivar and for the Red-maid."
Neven says, "Arise, brethren, there is life to claim!"
Vile Wight says, "Angmar's army shall stop you!"
Neven says, "To me! Slay them!"
Vile Wight says, "Ivar will avenge me!"

Objective 4

  • Speak to Dannasen
  • Follow the Shades deeper into Agamaur

Dannasen lingers at the Eglain-encampment to the south of Neven's throne.

Neven, the shades' commander, was actually a wight summoned by Ivar to contain the shades. With his destruction, Dannasen may now be willing to aid you.

Dannasen: 'A wight, a fell creature of could I have not seen this? So long have I lingered in this swamp, cursed by Iarwain Ben-adar to bring the salvation -- or the destruction -- of the Red-maid, she who dwells within Garth Agarwen a Power now under the influence of the gaunt-men.
'I was blind to what Neven had become. Now, I shall make amends. Now, we shall make our battle and strive to fulfil our curse.'
Dannasen says, "Quickly, there are others like you ahead, watch your step and follow me."
Dannasen says, "Our oaths hold arms my brethren! We fight Ivar and the Red-maid for Iarwain Ben-adar!"
Radagast says, "Good! Good! You have called them to action!"
Radagast says, "Quick now! We must follow them!"
Wretched Wight says, "Ivar has warned us about people such as you!"
Wretched Wight says, "Angmar's army shall stop you!"
Wretched Wight says, "Ivar has told us that none shall pass this place! Slay them!"
Radagast says, "Come to me, my friends!"

Objective 5

  • Follow Radagast deeper into Agamaur

Follow Radagast as he moves deeper into Agamaur.

Dannasen, renewed, called forth his men to battle and opened the way westward. It may be that now you will be able to reach Elsa and Eriac.

Radagast says, "Ah, Elsa...and Eriac! I had feared the worst, but you seem hale."
Radagast says, "Of course I have come, child!"
Elsa the Bold says, "Radagast! You have come!"
Radagast says, "And you should not have been so hasty in coming here! I told you it was folly!"
Elsa the Bold says, "You were right... I shall know better for the future!"
Radagast says, "Do not feel too badly, it was a great feat to come as far as you have!"
Radagast says, "<name>, all of you, I sense our journey is nearly at an end."
Radagast says, "Rest now and speak to Elsa to learn what you may of her battles."
Radagast says, "Her insight may prove helpful in the fight ahead."

Objective 6

Speak to Elsa to learn more about her battles in Agamaur.

Thanks to Dannasen and his men, the way westward into Agamaur was opened, and you were able to reach Elsa and Eriac.

Defender of Ost Guruth: 'We lost so many. The wights, there were too man. The Gaunt-lord...the Gaunt-lord cannot be defeated.
'We should flee...I-I am sorry. Speak with Elsa, my will is too badly shaken to speak more.'
Eriac the Strong: 'Elsa and I fought as best we could, but there were too many wights. Speak with Elsa. She may know how we should proceed against the evil in Agamaur.'
Elsa the Bold: 'We were beaten. There is no way to hide this. This Ivar commands the water, the wights, the forest itself. He cannot be neaten by my meagre force, and I fear there is something far more terrible within the ruins to the north.
'I know there is little time before a great evil spills forth from Garth Agarwen. Our only hope is Radagast, only he will be able to stop this Ivar. Please, go north to the gate of Garth Agarwen with him. Stop the Gaunt-lord Ivar.

Objective 7

  • Speak to Radagast
  • Aid Radagast

The gate into Garth Agarwen lies to the north.

Elsa has sent you to seek Ivar at Garth Agarwen and put an end to him.

Radagast: 'Hurry now, the Gaunt-lord Ivar is not far from here, near the gates of Garth Agarwen to the north. He may not reveal himself immediately, so we may need to draw him forth.
'The way ahead will be difficult, but to not give up hope. We shall triumph this day if we do not lose heart!'
Radagast says, "Bring your rest to its end, for we must hurry and continue on our journey."
Radagast says, "Come the gates of Garth Agarwen and Ivar."
Fearsome Murk-water says, "You may go no further...."
Radagast says, "May strength return to you!"
Fearsome Murk-water says, "The great Ivar bids that you come no further!"
Radagast says, "May strength return to you!"
Radagast says, "Ivar! Enough of this! Show yourself!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Who calls me forth? Have you come to sacrifice yourself to me like the others?"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Ah, the fool in brown! Agamaur is lost to you as is the River-maiden, Radagast!"
Radagast says, "Cease your prattling tongue. You hold no sway over me!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "We shall see, fool!"
Radagast says, "I trust in the Secret Fire. You have no power over me!"
Radagast says, "Methedan luith!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "The power of abyss is mine to command! You shall not stand!"
Radagast says, "Nature is my ally!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Aaah!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Enough of this! I shall waste my time with you no more!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "The Red-maid shall have you all, soon enough!"
Radagast says, "Do not trust in your power over her."
Radagast says, "She shall be freed from your clutches soon enough!"

Objective 8

  • Speak to Radagast

Speak to Radagast to see if there is something else he would have you do.

Radagast has driven the Gaunt-lord Ivar from Agamaur and stopped his nefarious plans...for now.

Radagast: 'That creature commands great power, but against a heart full of hope and trust in one's allies, such power means nothing. Thank you for your help here, my friend. We have done well this day Ivar's spreading corruption is stayed, at least for the moment.
'I must return now to the Eglain encampment and help end this evil forever. There is more that you ought to do here, if you are willing. But we will not speak of such matters now.'
Radagast: 'Shall we return to the Eglain-encampment now?'