Quest:Instance: New Devilry

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Instance: New Devilry
Level 60
Type Solo only
Starts with Lenglammel
Starts at Gwathrendath
Start Region The Foundations of Stone
Map Ref [12.9S, 100.7W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 6
Reflecting Pool Moria Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

New Devilry
"With the absence of the Balrog, other powers less great, yet terrible still, have arisen in the dark places. Mazog has sent his Orcs into the Shadowy Abyss to entreat or control these powers...though it may prove his undoing...."


The Elves of Lothlórien have sent you deep into Azanarukâr to find out what has happened to Magor and discover what is really going on in the uncharted depths.

Objective 1

Upon entering Azanarukâr, you are confronted with the battallions of Mazog's elite troops. The Elves have asked you to remove the threat of Mazog in Azanarukâr by defeating their leaders.

Moria Orc-berserker says, "Dhugluk told us to stay here, so here we stay!"
Moria Orc-berserker says, "Dhugluk is very strong, I am not worried."
Moria Orc-berserker says, "Do not question Dhugluk! He is no fool!"
Moria Orc-berserker says, "I hope Dhugluk is fast with this errand. I don't like this place any more than you do."
Shadow Rogmul says, "Welcome to Azanarukâr. There is much to talk about. Will you come with us?"
Dhugluk says, "Why do we trust you? Why not talk here?"
Shadow Rogmul says, "I see. Simply put, your death approaches from behind. You will be safe with us."
Moria Orc-berserker says, "It is true! Others approach!"
Moria Orc-berserker says, "We are exposed. We need to go!"
Dhugluk says, "So be it then, Lead the way."
Shadow Rogmul says, "This way."
Snarling Overseer says, "They too easily trusted us to help.... "
Snarling Overseer says, "Beware!"
Globsnaga Brawler says, "Let me serve, master! Don't make me... aaauughAAAAHHHH!"
Globsnaga Brawler says, "Insides... burning... aaauughhAAAAHHHH!"
Amidst the screams of captured orcs from close by, an elven cry reaches your ears.
Fire Rogmul says, "Intruders! Globsnaga to me!"
Shadow Rogmul says, "Do you dare to attempt entering here?"
Dhugluk says, "Tell me what you know, Elf!"
Dhugluk says, "I smell Elf-trickery behind my capture!"
Dhugluk says, "Why do the Rogmul take all the Orcs away?"
Dhugluk says, "How did they fool us so? We must kill the Elf and make the Rogmul happy!"
Moria Orc-berserker says, "Someone approaches!"
Moria Troll says, "Leave me. I done."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Magor, the Elven prisoner

You have defeated the leaders of the Moria Orcs that Mazog sent to Azanarukâr and found Magor, the lost Elf. Now, Magor wants you to help him defeat the Namelss creatures that dwell deep in Azanarukâr. He will need assistance in putting an end to the scourge.

Magor: 'Back! You will never defile me with your poison! Good, they are gone; I am relieved. I thought for certain I would become like them: a monstrosity. They came upon me unaware, surrounding me and taking me captive. One hears rumours of such twisted fates, but now I have seen the wicked pool of filth that corrupts the very depths of this place -- I saw it with my own eyes.
'I will give you a moment to collect your thoughts, and then you must follow me. We will crush these monsters before they can corrupt aught else beyond this wicked place. This will be a great task. I can only imagine what horrors we will face as we penetrate the area.
'Hurry; gather your wits and make ready!'
Magor says, "Things that dwell in the dark shall now know fear!"
Magor says, "We must be careful here. Something stirs below...."
Magor says, "Attack before we are seen! We must cleanse this cave!"
Shadow Rogmul says, "You will go no further."
Globsnaga-troll says, "Pain! Terrible pain!... aaauughhAAAAHHHH!"
Magor says, "Something terrible remains here where none should dwell. I must go for help! Be careful as you move deeper."

Objective 3

Magor has helped you clear the way to a darker deeper lair. Sensing great danger, he has gone for help, leaving you to seek out the new threat. Seek out the evil ahead and defeat it.

The Flame-drinker says, "This is enough! We did not stand guard all these years to be thwarted by mortals!"
The Flame-drinker says, "We will protect our new lord. You or us! Decide."
The Flame-drinker says, "Darkness will now be your punishment."
The Flame-drinker says, "Let them feel the power of the shadows!"
The Flame-drinker says, "Show them why they should fear the dark!"
The Flame-drinker says, "The flame returns!"
The Gloom-walker says, "The darkness will envelop you!"
The Gloom-walker says, "Enough of this! Fire will burn you all!"
The Gloom-walker says, "Make them understand our power!"

Objective 4

You have killed two great Regmyl that have claimed to guard Azanarukâr for a long time. You hear horrible bellowing roars ahead and can only guess at what danger lurks behind the next turn.

Moria Orc-warrior says, "Watch your flanks! If he attacks, we must be ready!"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "What is happening? Help us!"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "Why did he bring us here?"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "Run for your life!"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "He comes! Get ready!"
Magor says, "I have returned with help, <name>!"
Magor says, "Well done, indeed. I am impressed that such a deed was accomplished by the likes of you."
Magor: 'Let us leave this place, <name>. We have been too long in the presence of this evil, and my heart longs for relief from the dread of it.'