Quest:Instance: Necessary Sacrifices

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Instance: Necessary Sacrifices
Level 111
Type Solo
Starts with Róglarg
Starts at Cirith Ungol
Start Region Lhingris
Map Ref [59.9S, 7.9E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Lhingris
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Desperate to be rid of the innumerable spiders and other foul creatures now feeding on the Orcs of Lhingris, Captain Róglarg of Cirith Ungol has gathered a company of Orcs to be sacrificed as tribute to Her Ladyship, Shelob."


Desperate to be rid of the relentless attacks by creatures of Her Ladyship's lesser broods, Captain Róglarg of Cirith Ungol prepares to sacrifice a company of Orcs to Shelob at Her lair, Torech Ungol.

Objective 1

  • Signal Captain Róglarg

Captain Róglarg can be found at Torech Ungol.

You and Captain Róglarg have led a company of Orcs to Torech Ungol to be sacrificed to Shelob.

Captain Róglarg: 'They're begging for another rest, are they? Silent One can't protest, eh? Clever...
'If they're scared now, they're a foolish lot. They haven't even seen Her! I have... and She looks even worse than you! Ha! Probably got more of a tongue than you do, too!
'Well, there be no more resting. They'll have plenty of time for that once she comes around!
'Keep an eye on them. I don't want ANY getting away!'

Objective 2

  • "Escort" the sacrifices to Torech Ungol with Captain Róglarg

You have come to Torech Ungol with Captain Róglarg and should now lead the sacrifices to the mouth of Torech Ungol.

Captain Róglarg says, 'Right then.'
Captain Róglarg says, 'Get a move on, maggots. You'll have it worse if you turn back now!'
Mordor Orc says, 'Lugbúrz says you're lucky if Her Ladyship chooses you!'
Mordor Orc says, 'Lugbúrz said a lot. Lot of good that did 'em!'
Captain Róglarg says, 'That's enough chatter!'
Captain Róglarg says, 'What's this now?'

Objective 3

  • Signal Captain Róglarg at Torech Ungol

Captain Róglarg is standing before the sealed entrance to Torech Ungol.

You have brought the sacrifices to the mouth of Torech Ungol, but it is blocked by stone and debris. You should get Captain Róglarg's attention and see if he knows what to do.

Captain Róglarg: 'What is this? A cave-in?
'Must have been all that business with the mountain and Lugbúrz that brought it down! Her Ladyship must be trapped down there, and if that Elf-warior actually stuck a pin into her, She might have trouble breaking free. Nar, She'll be none too happy about this...
'I'd be glad to be rid of Her Ladyship, but it's Her children that are mucking about in Lhingris, and only She can bring them in line. We've got to get this sorted and fast, or we'll all have it much worse. Don't have the High Up loon out for us when it comes to Her!
'You're the Silent One, right? Clear that debris there, and see if the tunnel opens up a bit. Maybe her Ladyship won't notice you!
'Garn! Try to break through!'

Objective 4

  • Clear debris from the sealed entrance to Torech Ungol (0/3)

Debris can be found outside the mouth of Torech Ungol.

Captain Róglarg has ordered you to clear debris from the main tunnel of Torech Ungol in an attempt to appease Shelob.

DEBRIS "Rocky debris blocking the main tunnel into Torech Ungol."
Clearing rubble ...
You break stone after stone, but Torech Ungol remains sealed!
Captain Róglarg says, 'Damned flies....'

Objective 5

  • Return to Captain Róglarg

Captain Róglarg is standing before the sealed entrance to Torech Ungol.

You have cleared the debris as Captain Róglarg ordered. Aside from the tremors of shifting rocks in the depths of Torech Ungol, seemingly no progress has been made in unsealing Torch Ungol.

Captain Róglarg: 'Well now, I didn't like the sound of that...
'Nar, you've probably gone and made it worse! Not a single way through that mess... and Her Ladyship's bound to be hungry if She's trapped down there!'
Captain Róglarg looks at the sacrifices.
'We'll wait a few minutes and see if anything comes of it.'

Objective 6

  • Keep watch on the Orcs and await Her Ladyship's arrival

You should await Her Ladyship's arrival at Torech Ungol until Captain Róglarg signals otherwise.

Captain Róglarg says, 'You lot, listen up!'
Captain Róglarg says, 'Don't think you've gotten off easy! We're going to wait a bit for Her Ladyship!'
Captain Róglarg says, 'Walk about, pick the bones, throw a damned stone into one of Her tunnels -- I don't care.'
Captain Róglarg says, 'We wait as long as I say so!'
Captain Róglarg yells out to you and beckons you over!

Objective 7

  • Return to Captain Róglarg

Captain Róglarg is keeping watch at Torech Ungol.

Captain Róglarg has called you over. You should see what he wants.

Captain Róglarg: Captain Róglarg grumbles to himself.
'I've been over here keeping eyes on the lot of them, and I count only six! Where did two of them get off to?
'Maybe they jumped into the tunnels. A lot of ogod that'll do them... She'll get them either way!
'Have you seen anything, Silent One? You neck still works, doesn't it?'

Objective 8

  • Signal 'no' to Captain Róglarg

Captain Róglarg is keeping watch at Torech Ungol.

Captain Róglarg has asked you if you know where the two missing Orcs in the company have gone. You should tell him no, even if you know better.

You indicate 'no' to Captain Róglarg.
  • Keep watch on the Orcs and await her Ladyship's arrival

 Objective 9

  • Flee Torech Ungol with Captain Róglarg!

Webs have shot forth from the hidden caves and tunnels of Torech Ungol, dragging many Orcs in your company to their dooms. You should flee Torech Ungol with Captain Róglarg.

Mordor Orc says, 'Did you hear that?
Mordor Orc says, 'I thought I heard something, Captain--
Captain Róglarg says, 'Her Ladyship's led us into a trap!
Mordor Orc says, 'Ahhhhhh!
Captain Róglarg says, 'You lot, we're leaving. Now!
Captain Róglarg says, 'If this is how She's going to be, no meat for Her!
Mordor Orc says, 'Raaaaagh!
Captain Róglarg says, 'Silent One! Let's go!

Objective 10

  • Escape with Captain Róglarg

Captain Róglarg has fled to the entrance of Torech Ungol.

You have escaped the webs of Shelob and her children with Captain Róglarg. You should escape and return to Cirith Ungol.

Captain Róglarg: 'I guess Her Ladyship isn't playing by the rules any more...
'Shelob's got topsides on us, and I ain't putting this one righ! if Lugbúrz wants the Tower so badly, the Big Bosses can sort it out themselves!
'Nar. I'm not trusting them to understand this one. Old Shagrat did as he was told, and he still got the Pits! Aha, yes, I know just the place!
'Well, I guess it's just you and me now, 'Silent One'...'
You are suddenly ensnared in thick webbing!

Objective 11

  • Try to free yourself from the webs!

You are trapped in the thick webs of Her Ladyship! You must struggle free!

Captain Róglarg says, 'You thought me a stupid Uruk, didn't you? Ah, but you're no Orc!'
Captain Róglarg says, 'I knew straight away, <race>! Who do you think made that wretch into the Silent One?'
Captain Róglarg says, 'Hah! Well, She's got you now...and there's no escaping Her!'
Captain Róglarg says, 'Maybe She'll make it quick, but I sure hope She doesn't!'
Legolas says, '<name>! Hold just a moment, and I will free you!'
Legolas says, 'Do not struggle! I have almost got you loose!'
Legolas says, 'There! Let us go, <name>!'
Legolas swiftly cuts you loose, but the webbing pulls the Silent One's armour from you!

Objective 12

  • Talk to Legolas at Torech Ungol

Legolas can be found near the entrance of Torech Ungol.

Legolas has freed you from the webs that ensnared you. You should speak to Legolas and flee Torech Ungol!

Legolas: 'There is no time to speak, <name>. Swiftly now, we must go!'
Instance: Necessary Sacrifices
Legolas: 'Swiftly now!'