Quest:Instance: Judgements of the King

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Instance: Judgements of the King
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Malthengil
Starts at Hall of the King
Start Region Minas Tirith (After Battle)
Map Ref [65.6S, 19.2W]
Quest Chain Allegiance: The Kingdom of Gondor
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Judgements of the King
"Many are the matters set before the throne on this day. May I rule justly, for the good of Gondor!"


There are many issues facing Gondor which require the pronouncements of King Elessar.

Objective 1

Malthengil has asked you to deliver your report of Mordor to King Elessar, but first there are some matters on which the king must rule.

Malthengil: 'There are several matters upon which the king must rule, and then he will hear your report of Mordor, <name>. It will not be long.'

Objective 2

  • Wait until the king calls for your report

King Elessar must weigh the issues facing Gondor and make his pronouncements.

Malthengil says, "Attend all ye, hear the judgements of King Elessar!
Malthengil says, "I call Echadon, Captain of the Garrison, to present his petition."
Echadon says, "My lord, the recent battle resulted in the deaths of many."
Echadon says, "Others there were who sustained grievous wounds, and require rest and recovery in the Houses of Healing."
Echadon says, "These are men and women of Gondor and of Rohan.'
Echadon says, "But there were others left in our care as a result of the battle's ending."
Echadon says, "What shall be done with the Khundolar prisoners?
King Elessar says, "These men surrendered to Gondor, and prayed for mercy."
King Elessar says, "It is my wish that it be granted to them."
King Elessar says, "They are to be made free, and given safe passage back to their own lands."
Echadon says, "Thank you, my lord."
Malthengil says, "I call Hasong and Mauthoi, emissaries of the Sokhûri, to approach the king."
King Elessar says, "Hasong and Mauthoi, we have spoken at length and I have heard your desire for peace."
King Elessar says, "I share that desire, as do many of my people."
Hasong says, "Not all of them share it, Elessar."
King Elessar says, "No, Hasong, you speak true. It is a sadness to me."
King Elessar says, "But I wish to have peace with the Sokhûri, and that is my command."
King Elessar says, "Let there be forgiveness between our peoples, and friendship."
Hasong says, "May it be so, Elessar."
Malthengil says, "I call Beregond, Guard of the Citadel, to appear for judgement."
Malthengil says, "<name>, will you tell Beregond his time has come?

Objective 3

Beregond is in the Hall of the King and has not heard that it is his time for judgement.

Beregond: ' <name>? Yes, I am ready.
'I left my post without permission; three men of Minas Tirith I slew in my haste to come to Faramir's aid. I will rue the deed evermore, but I did not know what else to do!'

Objective 4

  • Wait until the king calls for your report

King Elessar must weigh the issues facing Gondor and make his pronouncements.

Beregond says, "I am ready to face the king's judgement, <name>."
King Elessar says, "Beregond, you have been brought here to be judged for your crimes."
King Elessar says, "During the battle for the city, you left your post without leave."
King Elessar says, "You drew your sword and spilled blood in the Hallows, which is forbidden."
King Elessar says, "In Gondor of old, the penalty for these crimes was death."
King Elessar says, "Do you understand?
Beregond says, "I do, my king."
King Elessar says, "But I deem that the penalty will be countered by your valour in the recent battle."
King Elessar says, "So too is it outweighed by this fact: your misdeeds were done for the love of the Lord Faramir."
King Elessar says, "No more can you be a Guard of the Citadel. No more can you stay in Minas Tirith."
King Elessar says, "So must it be, for you will dwell now in Emyn Arnen."
King Elessar says, "There you will be Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir."
King Elessar says, "You will dwell with him in Ithilien, in honour and in peace."
Beregond says, "Thank you, my king."
Malthengil says, "I call <name> the <class> to report on the situation in Mordor."
Instance: Judgements of the King
King Elessar: 'Tell me what has transpired in Mordor since your last report, my friend.'