Quest:Instance: Invitation for a Drink

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Instance: Invitation for a Drink
Level 93
Type Solo
Starts with Calin
Starts at Woodhurst
Start Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [46.9S, 79.2W]
Ends with Calin
Ends at Woodhurst
End Region Stonedeans
Quest Group Woodhurst
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Arnwi invited Calin for a drink at the nearby inn. Herubrand is suspicious and requested you accompany Calin....


Calin is nervous about an unusual invitation for a drink with Arnwi, who has been out of touch for some time. Calin may be overly cautious, but a lot has happened lately to put him on edge.

Objective 1

Calin arrived shortly before you did and joined Arnwi who was waiting at a table nearby.

Objective 2

  • Observe the discussion between Arnwi and Calin

Arnwi and Calin have much to catch up on. It is unclear what Arnwi has been up to as he has not been seen by Calin or Herubrand for some time.

Arnwi says, "<name>, how nice of you to join us."
Arnwi says, "Calin, we worked together with Reeve Heremond for a long time."
Arnwi says, "It is good to sit and have a drink with you again."
Calin says, "Yes, we have not taken time for this for too long."
Arnwi says, "I assume Herubrand is mostly healed by now?"
Calin says, "He is doing better."
Calin says, "We have not seen you come by for some time. What has occupied you?"
Arnwi says, "There are some who have sought my attention."
Arnwi says, "They have offered to do great things for this city and its people."
Arnwi says, "I can arrange for you to meet them, as you should hear what they have to say."
Calin says, "Who are you talking to?"
Arnwi says, "You will not like the answer to that question..."
Calin says, "I cannot believe it. Are you working with the Dunlending?"
Calin says, "The ones quietly pillaging our fair city and killing our people?"
Arnwi says, "You are too quick to judge. There are two sides to every story."
Arnwi says, "Have you forgotten how many years they were mis-treated, ridiculed and exiled?"
Arnwi says, "The Dunlending have more claim to this land than the Rohirrim."
Arnwi says, "They were here long before the Rohirrim came."
Calin says, "Have you abandoned reason?"
Arnwi says, "You have clearly made up your mind. I tried to save you from this fate."
Arnwi says, "They came for you, <name>. And now I take my leave."

Objective 3

  • Survive the Dunlending ambush

Dunlending thugs heard the sound of commotion and entered the tavern to aid Arnwi.

Objective 4

  • See to Calin's injuries

After the battle Calin is laying very still where he fell. Arnwi caught him off guard with a strong blow that would have killed most men.

Calin received a serious blow to the head and passed away during your fight with the Dunlendings
You should return to Herubrand with Calin's body, and inform him of what happened here