Quest:Instance: Grievances

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Instance: Grievances
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Hrostyr
Starts at Hall Under the Mountain
Start Region Erebor
Map Ref [14.4N, 135.2W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 7
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"I will hear this complaint, but not at my throne. I will go among the people."


Authi Gem-cutter has asked for your help with bringing his grievance against Khîl Tale-spinner before the king.

Objective 1

King Thorin has chosen to hear Authi Gem-cutter's grievance, but he will not do so at his throne.

Hrostyr: 'This is highly irregular. Why does the king choose not to hear the grievance at his throne? Would he not be more comfortable at his high seat?'
Hrostyr says, "My king, this is most irregular."

Objective 2

  • Accompany Authi as he presents his case before King Thorin

King Thorin has chosen to go among his people for the hearing of Authi's complaint.

King Thorin III says, "I wish to go among my people, Hrostyr. Should they not more often hear my voice?"
Hrostyr says, "Yes, my king."
King Thorin III says, "I have spent some time in thought these past few days."
King Thorin III says, "Many are the dangers arrayed before our people."
King Thorin III says, "It is my burden to choose for them which of these threats to oppose."
King Thorin III says, "Come then, Authi! What is your complaint?"
Authi Gem-cutter says, "My king, it has come to my attention that Khîl has spread false tales about my family."
Authi Gem-cutter says, "<name> heard one such tale from a customer of ours, and later from Khîl himself!"
King Thorin III says, "What false tales are these?"
Authi Gem-cutter says, "Khîl claims my family's craft-skill has declined!"
Authi Gem-cutter says, "He claims we plan to leave the Mountain in disgrace!"
Authi Gem-cutter says, "Such lies will make my dear mother's beard go grey!"
King Thorin III says, "Is this true, Khîl?"
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "I don't know if his mother's beard will go grey."
Authi Gem-cutter says, "An outrage! You scoundrel!"
King Thorin III says, "Remember you speak to your king, Khîl!"
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "King Thorin, I am no Longbeard. I am of the Zhélruka."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "But I speak to you with respect."
Hrostyr says, "Not with enough, I warrant."
King Thorin III says, "That will be enough, Hrostyr."
King Thorin III says, "Do you deny the truth of these claims, Zhélruka?"
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "Each of my stories is built around truth, King Thorin."
King Thorin III says, "I have arrived at a judgement."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "King Thorin, may I say one thing first?"
King Thorin III says, "Go ahead."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "It is a point of pride for me that so many dwarves listen to my stories."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "'This is true!' they say of some. 'This is untrue!' they say of others."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "I know you experience this too."
King Thorin III says, "What do you mean?"
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "You named your son 'Durin'. It is a name of great import."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "Some dwarves say this name signifies he will do great things."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "Others say it is just a name."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "But I say he will grow into his name."
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "I say he will be Durin the Deathless come again!"
King Thorin III says, "That is enough, Zhélruka."
King Thorin III says, "<name>, may I have a word?"

Objective 3

  • Talk to King Thorin

King Thorin has chosen to go among his people for the hearing of Authi's complaint.

King Thorin: 'Khîl seeks to flatter me, but I am too wise a king to fall prey to such a tactic. I named my son Durin for my own reasons, and I do not feel the need to share them with Longbeards or with Zhélruka. He stays in Járnfast with my brother Náin, Lord of the Iron Hills, and he will be king after me. If he is to be anything else is certainly beyond the sight of this Zhélruka.'
King Thorin strokes his beard, and you might detect a slight upturn among his whiskers. Does he smile in spite of Khîl's flattery or because of it?
King Thorin: 'Durin the Deathless again? Hmm. Imagine that!'

Objective 3

  • Listen to the judgement of King Thorin

King Thorin has chosen to go among his people for the hearing of Authi's complaint.

King Thorin III says, "This is my judgement."
King Thorin III says, "Khîl, you have stayed in Erebor for long enough. You must depart."
King Thorin III says, "From what land do you hail?"
Khîl Tale-spinner says, "My father Bránit kept a home in Járnfast."
King Thorin III says, "Járnfast, you say? How fortunate. It guides my further commands."
King Thorin III says, "Authi Gem-cutter, you will accompany Khîl to Járnfast. Then you may return."
Authi Gem-cutter says, "But, my king..."
King Thorin III says, "I cannot oversee every little feud between dwarves!"
Authi Gem-cutter says, "I understand, my king."
King Thorin III says, "<name>, I ask you to accompany Authi and Khîl on this errand."
King Thorin III says, "Speak to my brother Náin at the Ironfort, and bring my son Durin back home."
King Thorin III says, "It is time he learned the ways of the king."
King Thorin III says, "That is all."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Authi

Authi has heard the king's judgement and now wishes to speak with you.

Authi: 'The king has ruled in my favour. Why then do I feel as if he also ruled against me? Did I win or did I lose?'
'I suppose we should be going, <name>. Let us return to my home, and perhaps we can make sense of this.'