Quest:Instance: Ancient Lair

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Instance: Ancient Lair
Level 44
Type Fellowship
Starts at Ologfil
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [1.5N, 31.1W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Fonn, one of the Hillmen of the Trév Gallorg, sent a scout to an ancient cave in Malenhad, the brimstone swamp, where many Gertheryg were observed gathering. The scout, Bethan, never returned, and Fonn fears he may have been taken by the trolls.'


Fonn has learned that Gertheryg have been seen travelling to Ologfil in Malenhad. He has sent a scout in investigate, but the scout has not returned.

Objective 1

The hill-man Bethad must be somewhere in this fetid cave - whether he could possibly be alive or not is anyone's guess.

You have discovered Bethad's prison!

Objective 2

Bethad has been imprisoned by the Gorthorog war-leader Ulkrank, who must be slain before the scout can be safely freed.

Ulkrank says, "Who dares enter the domain of Ulkrank?"
Ulkrank says, "I have not had a good fight this age."
Ulkrank says, "Uhhhh...."
You have defeated Ulkrank!

Objective 3

  • Free Bethad from his imprisonment

With the death of Ulkrank, you should be able to free Bethad from his prison and escape from the dark lair of Ologfil.

Bethad: 'What valor you have shown to come so far into peril for my sake! I and my family shall be forever in your debt - now quickly, let us be away from this horrible place.'
You have freed Bethad!
Completed: Instance: Ancient Lair
Bethad says, "Thank you strangers! I had despaired of ever seeing the sun again."
Bethad says, "Now swiftly, let us be quite of this terrible lair!"