Quest:In Their Absence, Chapter 5

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In Their Absence, Chapter 5
Level 65
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Benedric Jacklin
Starts at Stoneheight
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [9.5S, 50.3W]
Ends with Seward Pearse
Ends at Stoneheight
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [9.8S, 50.4W]
Quest Group In Their Absence
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It was terrible, friend! A tall, menacing figure stalked through the streets of town while his cruel allies slew anyone that moved! I do not know what he wanted, but he moved with a single-minded purpose; I think he was looking for something.

'But why would he visit this destruction upon Stoneheight? Ours was just a town of peaceful folk whose other homes had been lost in the fighting with Orcs out of Angmar! We have done nothing wrong! We were just trying to get a fresh start!'

Benedric is on the very edge of tears.

'There may be others who were able to hide from that terrible figure. You have to search Stoneheight to see if anyone survived! But be careful...the allies of that frightful apparition may still be here!'


You have come to the town of Stoneheight, but it seems to have been recently attacked.

Objective 1

Benedric Jacklin has asked you to search further within Stoneheight for survivors of the attack.

The town of Stoneheight was attacked by a merciless figure who moved with a single-minded purpose, and now you must search for survivors.

Objective 2

You have found a survivor of the attack on Stoneheight, but his wounds seem very severe.

Seward Pearse: 'Who is it...? Are you...a friend...?
The man is near death; his wounds seem most severe. He coughs weakly and his face contorts painfully. He gathers what little strength he has left, determined to tell you something.
'I...I think I...did this...I think I drew the'