Quest:In Their Absence, Chapter 12

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In Their Absence, Chapter 12
Level 65
Type Fellowship
Starts with Yrjänä
Starts at Sâri-surma
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [20.1N, 78.8W]
Quest Group In Their Absence
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My people have never faced a Gaunt-lord who acts this Drugoth. He pits his servants against each other; little thought seems to go into his actions beyond the sowing of discord.

'If you speak truly of his errand, his master cannot be pleased with Drugoth. His actions are almost...animal-like...and if he is raising an army, he is then turning it against itself. There is no reason there!

'Do not underestimate this creature. If he is more beast than thinking being now, he is an animal uncaged, and will fight with ferocity.'


In the depths of the fortress on Sâri-surma, Drugoth the Death-monger threatens the safety of Forochel and the lands beyond.

Objective 1

Drugoth the Death-monger waits in the depths of his fortress on Sâri-surma.

Yrjänä has told you that Drugoth acts impulsively, more like an animal than a thinking being.

Objective 2

Yrjänä wants to speak with you now that you have defeated Drugoth in the fortress on Sâri-surma.

Yrjänä: 'Drugoth has been defeated, and you have the thanks and praise of my people. Even as he succumbed to his madness, he still had teeth with which to rip and tear, and a cruel mind with which he could do harm.
'It is good he be no more.'