Quest:Hidden Quarters

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Hidden Quarters
Level 56
Type Solo
Starts with Kúli
Starts at Auti's Camp
Start Region Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [13.3S, 104.6W]
Quest Group Moria: Redhorn Lodes
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Our camp is in a dangerous location, being so close to the enormous hive. But if we go further north, we're sure to be overrun by Orcs.

'The ancient runes in the locket describe a chamber somewhere within the Redhorn Lodes, and this could be the perfect place to set up our mining operation. The runes don't specify where exactly, but I believe this old garrison is inside the hive somewhere.

'Head south into the hive and search for the ancient garrison of Nud-heden.'


The site of Kúli and Auti's camp is close to the grodbog hive, and they are regretting setting up camp in such a dangerous location.

Objective 1

The ancient miners' garrison is somewhere inside the grodbog hive, south of the campsite of Kúli and Auti.

Kúli believes the ancient miners' garrison is located in the Redhorn Lodes from an ancient dwarven text he read in the locket. Auti and Kúli came to this cavern for mithril, but instead find themselves searching for a legend!

Found the ancient miners' garrison, Nud-heden

Objective 2

  • Explore the rooms of Nud-heden (0/3)

The ancient garrison has been found, but it has been ages since dwarves set foot inside it.

Kúli will be excited to find out the garrison does exist and is not just legend. He will want to know how dangerous the place has become and what state the legendary place is in.

You assessed the entry room of Nud-heden
You assessed the old mess hall of Nud-heden
You assessed the main barracks of Nud-heden

Objective 3

Kúli is camped with Auti, just north of the grodbog hive.

Kúli will be excited to hear the ancient garrison exists as he suspected. However, it may not be the safe solution he was hoping it would be.

Kúli: 'I cannot believe the ancient garrison exists, and isn't just rumours or legend! It makes sense that this place is unlivable, after how long it has been left uninhabited by dwarves.
'I suppose, when I think about it, it was foolish to think it would be safe. It was more a desire born from hope than from reality.'