Quest:Hand of the Scourge

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Hand of the Scourge
Level 99
Type Solo
Starts with Dolvir
Starts at Edhellond
Start Region Havens of Belfalas
Map Ref [72.5S, 66.3W]
Ends with Gilanor
Ends at Ost Lontir
End Region Havens of Belfalas
Map Ref [75.1S, 65.6W]
Quest Chain Edhellond
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The orders you recovered from the Corsair spies mentioned a captain named Dolguzîr. They note that he is stationed on the north-most ship in the bay, but little else of him can be gleaned from these scribbles.

'Search his ship and draw him forth... perhaps in his surprise he may reveal more of The Scourge's plan for Gondor.

'This much is clear... he must be defeated if we are to slow the Corsairs' advance. Move with care, <name>, for it is unlikely that his position is ill-defended.'


Seeking to shatter Corsair invasion, Dolvir aims to track and defeat Dolguzîr, the captain of the Corsairs in Edhellond.

Objective 1

Dolguzîr can be found somewhere on the north-most ship at Edhellond.

Dolvir has asked you to defeat Dolguzîr in hopes that it will shatter the leadership in Edhellond.

Dolguzîr says, 'Hands off! Wait... I know you!'
Dolguzîr says, 'You're the Hobbit that Jajax is so fond of! I'll have your head!'
Dolguzîr says, 'Jajax is a fool to fight at your side! His disgrace shall not weaken us!'
Dolguzîr has been defeated

Objective 2

Dolvir can be found on a hilltop to the east of Edhellond.

You have defeated the Corsair captain, Dolguzîr, and broken the leadership of the Corsairs in Edhellond.

Dolvir: 'I am glad to hear of Dolguzîr's defeat, for it means that the Corsairs will be without a leader, at least for the moment. We have slowed their assault, but I fear that is all that can be done for now.
'I wonder if The Scourge will take notice of what we have done here... let us hope we are better prepared when he finally decides to reveal himself.
'When you have done all you wish to do here in Edhellond, return to Gilanor. I know he has great plans for you, <name>.'

Objective 3

Gilanor can be found in Ost Lontir in central Belfalas.

You have slain the Corsair leader in Edhellond and aided Dolvir. You should now return to Gilanor.

Gilanor: 'Ah! You have returned, <name>.
'Am I to assume that you and Dolvir found success in Edhellond?
'Come then, let us talk of more pressing matters... you may yet be of great use to Gondor!'