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Level 56
Type Solo
Starts with Kill Grodbog Warrior or
Kill Grodbog Labourer
Starts at Nud-heden
Start Region Redhorn Lodes
Ends with Auti
Ends at Auti's Camp
End Region Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [13.3S, 104.6W]
Quest Group Moria: Redhorn Lodes
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The gredbyg have converted Nud-heden into an extension of their hive. This was once an ancient home of dwarves...and should be again. While inside, defeat any gredbyg you find there.


The ancient garrison of Nud-heden is infested by gredbyg. The grodbog hive extends even into this old home, which is legendary among the dwarves.

Objective 1

Gredbyg can be found within Nud-heden, found inside the grodbog hive, south of where Kúli and Auti are camped.

You should defeat the gredbyg at Nud-heden.

Objective 2

Auti is camped with Kúli, just north of the grodbog hive.

Auti will be pleased to hear that the gredbyg have been defeated and Nud-heden is another step closer to again being a home of dwarves.

Auti: 'Dead, you say? Are you sure?
'Well, that's good. Kúli and I will pack up soon and make our way there. It will be up to us to ensure those blasted insects do not try to occupy that ancient home of dwarves ever again!'