Quest:Gredbyg at the Doors

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Gredbyg at the Doors
Level 56
Type Solo
Starts with Auti
Starts at Auti's Camp
Start Region Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [13.3S, 104.6W]
Quest Group Moria: Redhorn Lodes
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I noticed a number of grodbog-beetles who seem to come and go from specific parts of the hive. Have you noticed that their shells seem to shimmer and shine, like finely polished ingots of Moria copper?

'I wonder if they are attracted to the ore deposits in this tunnel, and if they have been digesting some of it? That might be why their shells are so hard!

'Why don't you find some of those beetles and dispatch them? If we can reclaim some of the metals they have ingested, all the better! In the worst case, you are simply making the hive a slightly safer place.'


Auti has noticed an unusually large number of grodbog-beetles skittering around the hive. They seem to be interested in metal deposits found throughout the hive.

Objective 1

  • Defeat grodbog-beetles (0/7)

The grodbog-beetles are found throughout the grodbog hive, but seem to collect around the various ore deposits.

Auti is curious as to why so many grodbog-beetles are gathering at the deposits. He asked you to defeat several and see if the rest scatter or remain.

Objective 2

Auti is camped on the northern edge of the enormous grodbog hive.

You should return to Auti with news of your success.

Auti: 'I take it this means there are fewer gredbyg around those ore deposits? Excellent! But they kept returning you say? I do wonder if we can ever make this area safe to mine....'