Quest:Goblins in the Valley

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Goblins in the Valley
Level 12
Type Solo
Starts with Ingólfr
Starts at Northern Barricade
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [22.1S, 96.8W]
Quest Group Ered Luin
Quest Chain The Southern Road
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My thanks to you for standing by us on this. You are not here to simply cull the local want to deal with the real threat: that is to say goblins!

'The foul things have been bubbling up out of the ground like bees from a kicked hive. I don't rightly know what has gotten them all riled up, nor do I much care, but I believe it is their leader, Gazrîp.

'If you're up for a fight, get in there and break some goblin heads! If we can shatter their morale by defeating their leader, we can pen them in through the winter. The snows ought to block up these passes till spring, and we will be free of them for a long while, at least.'


Ingólfr is tired of dealing with the goblins of Rath Teraig, which have become more aggressive of late.

Objective 1

Gazrîp can be found beyond the barricade south of Ingólfr's camp deep within the goblin camps.

Ingólfr has asked you to enter Rath Teraig and deal with the goblin-leader Gazrîp, in hopes that his death will teach the goblins to keep away from the barricades long enough for the winter snows to fill the pass.

Ingólfr: 'South of the barricade in goblin territorry, so you should ahve no problem finding goblin necks to hew. Gazríp will be another matter, but you will find him deep within the camp.'

Objective 2

Ingólfr is at his camp beyond the barricade at the northern entrance to Rath Teraig.

You should return to Ingólfr and tell him of your battles against the goblin-leader in Rath Teraig.

Ingólfr: 'Hah! Nothing like a rousing tale of goblin-slaying to warm you up on a cold day! Well done, <name>. With your help we shouldn't have too many problems keeping the goblins at bay till the passes fill with snow for the winter.
'After that, it will be up to the leaders at Gondamon and Thorin's Halls to figure out what we'll do about them come next spring.'