Quest:Gerfinn Has Gone Astray

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Gerfinn Has Gone Astray
Level 75
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Armund
Starts at Old Sawmill
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [29.0S, 69.7W]
Ends with Gerfinn
Ends at Old Sawmill
End Region Great River
Map Ref [29.0S, 69.7W]
Quest Group Limlight Gorge
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now Gerfinn is gone, as well! Can you believe it? These dwarves would lose track of their own heads if they were not stuck in place! I expect some Orc or goblin would solve that problem for them in no time if they did not have me to help guide them....

'Gerfinn was heading to the north to look for some materials, but I need him back here to help get this place fixed up, or we will never get it running.'


Gerfinn, another companion of Armund, has gone somewhere to the north of the old sawmill in the Limlight Gorge. Armund needs him back at the mill to help finish the repairs.

Objective 1

You should find Gerfinn the dwarf and help him get back to the mill.

Armund believes he headed roughly north of the sawmill to look for materials of some sort.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gerfinn

You should speak with Gerfinn at the Limlight Gorge sawmill.

Gerfinn: '<name>! You believe me, do you not? Armund will not listen to reason!
'You saw it, did you not? Starting at me like that, hungry-like...its eyes like knotholes, its sap dripping like the saliva of a wild beast, its fetid breath like a must summer breeze...I cannot stand to recall it.
'You have got to help us! Armund does not know what they are like! He has not seen their dark hearts. They are likely to devour us all the moment we drop our guard!
'Shhh...they are right outside, listening...waiting...'