Quest:Forging for the Enemy

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Forging for the Enemy
Level 56
Type Solo
Starts with Kill Moria Metal-worker or
Kill White Hand Metal-worker
Starts at Stazgnâkh
Start Region Redhorn Lodes
Quest Group Moria: Redhorn Lodes
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You notice larger Orcs are tending the forges, and must be wicked metal-workers of the enemy.


The tribes of Orcs are collecting a vast amount of metal resources from the Redhorn Lodes. Their forges burn day and night, and they must have Orcs processing that metal into armour and weapons.

Objective 1

The tribes of Orc have forges at the hearts of their camps, out among the ruins in the main cavern of the Redhorn Lodes.

The fiercest Orcs tend the forges, to process their collected metals, and fashion armour and weapons for the rest of the rabble.

Objective 2

  • Completed

You have defeated the Moria and White Hand Metal-workers.

The Orcs will likely promote others to replace those metal-workers, but for now their pipeline has been slowed. The quality of their work will suffer without those experienced hands.