Quest:Forest Roots

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Forest Roots
Level 75
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Captain Agelbrit
Starts at Limlight Gatehouse
Start Region The Great River
Map Ref [25.5S, 67.1W]
Ends with Erymeldir
Ends at Limlight Glade
End Region The Great River
Map Ref [29.3S, 72.1W]
Quest Group Limlight Gorge
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings. You must be <name>. The Lady Galadriel suggested that we might encounter you and your friends here.'


Captain Agelbrit claims that a pair of Elves from Lothlórien passed by his guard-post in the dark of night, heading down towards the far end of the Limlight Gorge. What business would a pair would the servants of the Sorceress of the Golden Wood have in the Limlight Gorge?

Objective 1

You should speak with Galadriel's envoys in the Limlight Gorge.

Captain Agelbrit says the Elves were last seen headed down towards the far end of the Gorge.

Captain Agelbrit: 'You may want to find the Elves who passed into the Gorge.'
Ordhrien: 'Greeting. You must be <name>. The Lady Galadriel suggested that we might encounter you and your friends here'
'The Rohirrim asked you to learn our purpose here? I do not suppose that it occurred to them to just ask us themselves? It is for the best, I suppose. The Men of Stangard have long held a great fear of our people in their hearts...and in truth, we do not discourage this. It helps dissuade them from intruding upon our forests without the need for cumbersome treaties or shows of force.
'We have come to speak with the ancient Onodrim of Fangorn...the Ents. Have you met on in your travels before? We hope to convince them of the need to rouse themselves from their long peace, lest the course of the wold pass them by still asleep here in their deep forest.
'Alas, it seems that they have already face their own concerns, and I cannot convince them to aid us. I think you should speak with them yourself...perhaps you and your allies may be able to help us resolve this situation?'

Objective 2

You should ask the Ents of Fangorn what troubles have beset the recently.

Thickbark: 'Greetings, little <race>. Hoom, you have come at a strange time, hoom-hom, strange indeed. Why, we have not had so many guests beneath our boughs in many years. Ta-rum! Perhaps since I was an Enting even. Perhaps never before? It is hard to say.
'It is sad, then, that you come to us with such troubling tales. Of war, of sorrow, of the ancient Enemy returned. I would tell you to go, that my people have already had their fill, hoom! All the memories of war that we could ever desire and many that we would forget. We would remain here in our forests while such sorrows exhaust themselves in the outside world, and we endure.
'But they have come, ta-rum, or so it seems. My companion Greylimb has fallen ill, and that is a rare thing indeed for my folk, unless the winter should bite so deep that our bark cracks in the old. Hoom-hom! Something has sickened him in a way we do not understand, and some of the trees have likewise grown ill here on the edge of the Forest.
'I can feel it now too, it is as if some poison has seeped into the very ground beneath our roots...but from where? We do not know. Hoom, Greylimb may be able to tell you more, if he feels up to speaking.'

Objective 3

Greylimb waits with Thickbark beside the river.

You should speak with Greylimb about his illness.

Greylimb: 'What is this? Hoom-hom, more of the little folk among us? How queer, how queer indeed. Would that I felt fit for company, but I fear I am not. Not at all fit, I am afraid. Ta-rum! I feel weak ans an ancient fir facing his last storm.
'Nay, I am not that old. Why? Do I look it? If you had asked me a little while ago, I would have said that I felt up to another Age at least! But not anymore. Now, I feel mighty old indeed. Hoom! I just hope the beetles do not notice. Detestible things, beetles.
'It is something in the roots I would say. That is where it started, sort of a strange tingling in the water. An odd taste, but I did not think much of it. I like to take my drink down by the river you see, each morning. But I noticed that the trees...they were not looking so well. Hoom-hom, it was not long before I felt ill myself.'

Objective 4

Erymeldir waits beside the river.

You should speak with Erymeldir and learn if he knows a remedy for the Ents and their trees.

Erymeldir: 'I have considerable learning as a healer, and I examined Greylimb. I must admit my knowledge fails me when dealing with these creatures.
'Anyhow, I expected to find that he had been poisoned -- likely by some vile effluent dumped into the river by Orcs in the Misty Mountains or the sort -- but no I believe it to be venom from a creature.
'I do not know how such a venom might have found its way into the limlight, yet its source cannot be far off, for such venom does not keep its nature long.
'The only hint I have seen of such would be the spiders that hunt the northern edge of the Gorge. But what spider would prey upon trees...or would dare to prey upon the Ents?'