Quest:Foreman of the Great Wheel

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Foreman of the Great Wheel
Level 54
Type Solo
Starts with Ansurr
Starts at Hulwul-nefekh
Start Region The Water-works
Map Ref [16.8S, 114.1W]
Ends with Foreman Indrith
Ends at Chamber of Wheels
End Region The Water-works
Map Ref [17.9S, 115.9W]
Quest Group Moria: The Water-works
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If you are looking for more work in the area of the Great Wheel, I would suggest you find Foreman Indrith. He headed down there some time ago, and rumour has it that he is holed up there. Apparently, the fungus was not reason enough for him to abandon his charge.

'He may require your assistance. He'll probably be within the Wheel-house, beneath the Great Wheel.'


Foreman Indrith made his way into the Wheel-house within the Great Wheel of the Water-works. The dwarves of Hulwul-nefekh are concerned that he may need help there.

Objective 1

Foreman Indrith is in the Wheel-house, beneath the Great Wheel, south-west of Hulwul-nefekh.

Ansurr suggested to seek out Foreman Indrith and aid him however you may.

Indrith: 'Ansurr sent you to aid me? That is good to know, for I have work to do here, and if you are willing to labour hard, I am willing to set you to work.'