Quest:Following the Winding Road

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Following the Winding Road
Level 52
Type Solo
Starts with Thettmárr
Starts at The Deep Descent
Start Region Silvertine Lodes
Map Ref [9.8S, 112.7W]
Ends with Thalfar
Ends at Silvertine Lodes
End Region Silvertine Lodes
Map Ref [10.6S, 113.3W]
Quest Group Moria: Silvertine Lodes
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A band of miners from the Deep Descent has pushed forth into the Silvertine Lodes to establish a small mining camp in the centre of this area.

'You should seek Thalfar along the path towards Menem-berej, and give him my regards! He will likely need your help getting things started.'


Thalfar has set up a camp near the centre of the Silvertine Lodes, and will likely need help with the mining endeavours there.

Objective 1

Thalfar is the central mining camp of the Silvertine Lodes, south from the Deep Descent camp.

You should speak with Thalfar at his mining camp.

Thalfar: 'Hail, traveller! Are you here to help us get our feet wet? Good! We can always use another pair of hands.'