Quest:Finding Reason

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Finding Reason
Level 7
Type Solo
Starts with Cal Sprigley
Start Region Archet
Map Ref [24.9S, 48.9W]
Ends with Atli Spider-bane
End Region Archet
Map Ref [24.9S, 48.9W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain Spider-bane
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Them spiders have et my workhands and driven me and Holly out of our home. There's got to be some way to get 'em off our land!

'I would think that Atli Spider-bane might know more about spiders than I do. Perhaps you should go speak with him again.

'We can't return home until those awful things are gone!'


Cal Sprigley's farm has been overrun by spiders for no apparent reason, leaving Cal and Holly homeless in Archet.

Objective 1

Atli Spider-bane can be found just north of Cal Sprigley.

Cal Sprigley suggested that you speak with Atli Spider-bane about the spiders at his farm and how to be rid of them.

Cal Sprigley: 'Them spiders came up through my shed on the far end of the farm, but you should speak with Atli before going there again. He'll know more about what to do, I'm sure.'
Atli Spider-bane: 'Good, you have returned! It seems there is much more going on here than I first thought. While you were away, my cousin Bali arrived, and I sent him to search some caves in the ruins outside the east wall of Archet. A few of the hunters had dropped a huge stone in front of the cave, and I wanted him to ensure the stone remained. He has not yet returned, and I am worried.
'Now, from what you told me of Sprigley's troubles, the spiders came up through the cellar in his shed. Perhaps seeing the cave blocked off, they tunnelled up through there.
'We won't know for certain, though, until you find Bali. Hopefully he'll have some answers.'

Objective 2

  • Search for Bali

The entrance to the cave the hunters blocked off lies in the ruins due east of Archet.

Atli told you that he sent his cousin Bali to check the caves, but he has not yet returned. If you find him, he may have the answer to what has disturbed the spiders.

Atli Spider-bane: 'Go find Bali quickly before something terrible happens! I sent him to the caves in the ruins due east of here.'
Cal Sprigley: 'I don't think I can help you. Atli's cousin must be around that cave somewhere.'
Bali: You search Bali's corpse and find a journal with several pages missing. The journal text reads:
I would not believe it, but the spiders have pushed the cave mouth clear! I have entered the cave, and the spiders reacted to me instantly, as if drawn to me. I am unsure why. I spent my day carefully searching near the entrance only and found several corpses bound into cocoons. These spiders seem to wrap everything up into their cocoons! I will write more tomorrow whan I go further into the cave.
Perhaps it would be best to enter the cave to see if you can find the rest of the journal pages before returning to Atli.

Objective 3

  • Find missing journal pages (0/5)

The missing pages of Bali's journal must be somewhere within the caves. The spiders may have taken the missing pages and webbed them into their cocoons.

You have found Bali's corpse and his journal, but the journal is missing several pages. You need to find the pages before returning to Atli.

Atli Spider-bane: 'Bali…dead? This is…impossible! And the spiders have pushed the cave open? You must enter the cave and search for the rest of his journal.
'We must avenge Bali, and that journal may hold the knowledge that will help us do that!'
I've gone further into the cave today. There seems to be no end to the twists and turns or the spiders in this area. I have done my best not to get lost, but I fear I may already be there.
I still have no idea why these spiders are here. There are several larger queen-like spiders here, but I do not think they are steering this brood.
I will look more tomorrow. For now, I have found a rock to sleep behind. I hope these spiders don't like the taste of dwarf.
My third day in this spider-infested hole has come and gone, and I got no further today. I think I may have gone around in several circles since I found the rock I slept behind three times today. I'm not sure if this place has an end but I found an interesting-looking cellar of some small supply shed. I peeked outside and found an overrun farm. That did not seem to be my answer either.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I think I will spend my night in the cellar. It may be a little safer.
I went back into the caves, but had little more luck than before. I know I am missing a turn someplace that will lead me closer to the queen's nest and hopefully an answer to the spiders' presence here.
I suspect these are no ordinary spiders, for as I even now prepare to sleep, I dream I can hear whispered voices.
It is my fifth day within these dismal tunnels, and I am no closer to finding the queen. I have no doubts, however, as to the intelligence of these creatures. They hunt me now, day and night, though I elude them still.
It is strange, but I believe I heard one of the beasts mention Spider-bane.
There is no doubt now. These spiders and their queen are here for Atli Spider-bane. They seek to use me as a bait for Atli, but I will not give them that leverage.
My axe will drink of their blood ere this night is through. I will not...

Objective 4

  • Bring the journal and journal pages to Atli Spider-bane

Atli Spider-bane can be found at the north end of Archet.

Atli Spider-bane will want to know what you discovered amongst the pages of Bali's journal.

Atli Spider-bane: 'I cannot believe it. Bali...gone. He must be avenged! And this journal tells me what is behind this: a spider-queen from the Blue Mountains. She and her brood must have followed me from Thorin's Halls.
'Know this! Even if I am slain, she will never leave this place... she has found easy prey here. We must destroy her, or Archet shall become a new abode for the queen and her spawn.'