Quest:Feathers for Friendship

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Feathers for Friendship
Level 62
Type Solo
Starts with Amlan
Starts at Echad Saeradan
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [63.8S, 17.5W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Text


'Greetings, <name>! It has been long since you rid the Hobbits of Buckland of the threat of the giant. Thanks to you, they may wander the Brandy Hills with little fear.

'Now, I am in need of your aid once more. The Algraig use feathers for bedding and decoration, <name>. It may be to our benefit to collect many pristine feathers to bring to them as an offering of peace. Perhaps such an offering will entice them to trade with us.

'Crebain nest at Pluvun Gwern to the north-east of here. Perhaps you may find pristine feathers within their nests. Bring them to Saeradan...the feathers must be of the highest quality.'

Objective 1

Pristine feathers might be found in the nests of the crebain at Pluvun Gwern, north-east of Echad Saeradan.

Amlan has asked you to collect pristine feathers to trade to the Algraig of Enedwaith.

Amlan: 'Search the nests of the crebain at Pluvun Gwern, north-east of here, for the feathers we require.'

Objective 2

Saeradan is at Echad Saeradan in the Windfells of Enedwaith, south-west of Pluvun Gwern.

Amlan told you to take the craban-feathers to Saeradan to be prepared for delivery to the Algraig.

Saeradan: 'These are the feathers that Amlan requested of you? Good! Then all is nearly in readiness.'