Quest:Fûshath the Beast

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Fûshath the Beast
Level 45
Type Fellowship
Starts with Enan
Starts at Donnvail
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [7.3N, 35.4W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Donnvail was a beautiful city once, proud and free; that must be why it attracted the eye of the Iron Crown. The lords of Carn Dûm sent three of their servants to keep the city beneath the yoke. All are powerful, but perhaps the Gorthorog known to us as Fûshath the Beast is the most terrifying.

'Fûshath the Beast is the enforcer for Muiráthakh, the Silent Judge, and he is a most frightening creature; he knows no mercy and must be given none.

'Find this terrible foe in the neighborhood next to this one, through the eastward arch, and put an end to his menace. You will need many allies, for Fûshath the Beast is very strong and very dangerous.'


The lords of Carn Dûm sent three of their servants to keep the people of Donnvail under control. If the mighty Gorthorog known as Fûshath the Beast is defeated, the grip of the shadow on the city might be loosened.

Objective 1

Fûshath the Beast can often be found in the neighborhood east of Una's allies.

Enan has tasked you with defeating Fûshath the Beast, the mighty Gorthorog enforcer.

Enan: 'We will be better able to strike against our oppressors if Fûshath the Beast is no longer among their ranks...or among the living.
'Look for him in the neighbourhood beyond the eastward arch.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Enan

Enan is by Una's allies, in the city of Donnvail, west of the neighbourhood where Fûshath the Beast, the mighty Gorthorog enforcer.

You should return to Enan with news of your victory.

Enan: 'Our fortunes must be changing, <name>: Fûshath the Beast is defeated!
'You have done a great thing this day, my friend! Donnvail will be free once more, I can sense it!'