Quest:Eyes in the Field

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Eyes in the Field
Level 86
Type Solo
Starts with Mágla
Starts at Middlemead Mead Hall
Start Region Kingstead
Ends with Egbalth
Ends at Bosa's Farm
End Region Kingstead
Map Ref [53.5S, 68.5W]
Quest Group Middlemead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'As I mentioned, <name>, I believe Wormtongue's influence still lingers in Kingstead.

'To that end, I have kept careful watch on the people of Middlemead. Our trade routes from the Broadacres and the Stonedeans have been disrupted by the White Hand, and I sense that our fields are next. I sent one of my finest warriors to station at Bosa's Farm to the east to ensure that crops continue to flow into our settlement.

'I wish for you to rally to Egbalth's side at Bosa's Farm. Perhaps you can offer him aid in warding off the White Hand as the farmhands ready the harvest for trade, and when you both return, we can speak more of our suspicions.'


Thane Mágla is concerned that an agent of Wormtongue lurks within Middlemead, and hopes for you to work alongside his trusted councilman to expose the traitor.

Objective 1

Bosa's Farm can be found to the east of Middlemead in northern Kingstead.

Thane Mágla has asked you to seek out Egbalth in hopes of aiding him in exposing the agent of Wormtongue in Middlemead.

Bosa's Farm has been overrun by the White Hand

Objective 2

  • Search for any sign of Egbalth

Bosa's Farm can be found in northern Kingstead.

You have arrived at Bosa's Farm to find it overrun by the White Hand. You should search the farm for any signs of life.

You spot a Rohirrim warrior fallen amidst the wreckage

Objective 3

  • Examine Egbalth

Egbalth can be found near one of the burned houses at Bosa's Farm in northern Kingstead.

You have spotted a fallen soldier of Middlemead. You should investigate if this is the man Mágla meant for you to meet.

Corpse of Egbalth: Egbalth's lifeless body is slumped against the side of a burned home, and brutal wounds are visible through punctures in his armour.
Whether his horn was sounded or not, it is clear that aid did not arrive in time.