Quest:Exacting Vengeance

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Exacting Vengeance
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Sigurdór
Starts at Haudh Lin
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [20.9S, 93.0W]
Quest Group Ered Luin
Quest Chain Sundered Shield
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I did attempt to fight my way through the port in search of the leader, to no avail. His cowardice keeps him well hidden and his lackeys gave my legs a good beating. Were it not for Svanr, I likely would have fallen to them as well.

'I failed to avenge Arndór. I am not fit for another foray, but you have helped Askell, and I hope that you will help me.

'Below us, in the valley to the east, lay the port of Kheledúl and therein the Dourhands. Will you go there and strike down a goodly number of the forces there so I might be able to give my brother the vengeance that he deserves?'


Sigurdór, at the tower outside of Kheledúl, has asked you to avenge his brother where he cannot.

Objective 1

Kheledúl lies below the tower where Sigurdór waits.

Sigurdór asked you to make your way to Kheledúl to exact vengeance on the Dourhand dwarves for his slain brother.

Sigurdór: 'Carry out my vengeance, <name>! The Dourhands of Kheledûl must pay for their affrontery.'

Objective 2

Sigurdór is at the tower outside Kheledúl.

You exacted vengeance upon the murderous Dourhand dwarves responsible for slaying Sigurdór's brother, Arndór. Now you should return to Sigurdór.

Sigurdór: 'My brother may not know that this has been done, but I do and this will give me leave to rest at night. I am ever in your debt, <name>.
'I will miss my brother, but I will know that his death is avenged and that the Dourhands are weakened now to the point where we Longbeards may drive them, finally, from our lands.'