Quest:Enemies of the Eglain

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Enemies of the Eglain
Level 25
Type Solo
Starts with Refr Quicksilver
Starts at Iorvinas
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [32.8S, 33.0W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Quest Chain The Forsaken Lone-lands
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Somewhere in Mithrenost there is a dwarf who oversees the labours of the Dourhands. Though the Dourhands have gone against their nature by consorting with Orcs, all hope for them may not be lost.

'Find the overseer of the Dourhands and defeat him. His defeat may break the resolve of his followers, and they may well turn from the dark path upon which they tread. Bring me evidence of the overseer's downfall, and I will hold you honoured for your efforts on behalf of the Eglain.

'The leader will be savvy and wary if you hope to defeat him.'


In Annunlos lay a ruin, long abandoned by the Eglain. Picked clean and having only the depths of the ruin unexplored, the Eglain left the tombs beneath the ruin be, as is their custom. However, the ruin now teems with life again as dwarves, in league with Orcs, scour the ruin for treasures in the depths.

Objective 1

The overseer of the Dourhands may be found within the ruins of Mithrenost, south-west of Refr Quicksilver.

Refr Quicksilver has asked to seek out and defeat the overseer of the Dourhands at Mithrenost, in hopes that his followers will turn from their evil ways. He asked you to bring him evidence of the overseer's defeat.

Refr Quicksilver: 'Search near the centre of Mithrenost for turned earth or a greater congregation of dwarves. The overseer will be there.'
Collected the Dourhand Overseer's medallion
Refr Quicksilver: 'Hunulf and Gadaric did well with choosing you. A fine upstanding sort you turned out to be.
'Though it pains me to know that my brethren have fallen so far, I am pleased to have gained the kinship you offer, <name>.
'I took a certain liberty with some of the metal of the axes you collected and crafted this fine piece for you. You can do with it as you will. You have earned it.'