Quest:Dwarves and Mammoths

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Dwarves and Mammoths
Level 46
Type Solo
Starts with Ora
Starts at Pynti-peldot
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [11.5N, 69.5W]
Ends with Thórth
Ends at Zigilgund
End Region Forochel
Map Ref [9.4N, 81.2W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain Dwarves and Mammoths
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have been proven wrong about you, Sivullinen. Your deeds will be remembered here, and I will lend you aid. If you continue west along the main road you will reach an encampment of the Kivi-väki, which they call Zigilgund. Nearby is the fabled graveyard of the norsu, which is a sight well worth the trip.

'You will wish to speak to Thórth, the leader of these Kivi-väki; he seems to be of strong character.

'Best of luck, <name>, and may your travels be safe.'


You have earned the respect of the Lossoth-chieftain Ora, who will now further guide your exploration of Forochel.

Objective 1

Zigilgund is far along the road to the west of Pynti-peldot.

Ora suggested that you speak with a dwarf there by the name of Thórth.

Ora: 'Follow the main road west if you wish to find Zigilgund.'
Thórth:'Welcome to Zigilgund. I am Thórth.
'So you have been through some of the Lossoth lands, I gather, if Ora sent you. She does not trust outsiders easily -- when our expedition first passed through there some time ago, it took some doing to get her to so much as let us pitch tent within Pynti-peldot during a blizzard!'