Quest:Dead Rising

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Dead Rising
Level 30
Type Solo
Starts with Eriac the Strong
Starts at Barad Dhorn
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [29.6S, 27.4W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, the threats all about us are too great for this meagre number to suppress. We require assistance in any form that it can be given. You have already been ag reat help to the Eglain, and I pray that you will continue your assistance.

'The western stretches of this poisoned land teem with creatures long dead, now stalking the ruins.

'It is not fear that drives this request, but an instinct to survive. These creatures must be destroyed. Enter the swamp to the north and west or even some smaller sections of the east and destroy the wights who have so recently stirred back to action.'


With the terrible presence the wights, Hillmen of Rhudaur, and the darkwater menace, the foe has become too great to be held back by the small Eglan-camp.

Objective 1

  • Defeat wights in Agamaur (0/24)

Wights can be found throughout Agamaur.

Eriac has asked you to help kill the wights within Agamaur. The creature are too numerous and dangerous for the small band of Eglain to fight alone.

Eriac the Strong: 'These creatures inspire fear by their existence, but it is their number that frightens me more than their countenances. We cannot hold them back forever and need the aid of others to keep them from overrunning our lands.'

Objective 2

Eriac the Strong is at the Eglan-camp in Agamaur.

You entered the Red Swamp and destroyed a good number of the wight. Now the time has come to return to the Eriac the String and tell him of all you have done.

Eriac the Strong: 'Knowing that you have destroyed as many of these creatures as you have gives me a moment to consider that we will once again reclaim these lands as the shade Dannasen states.
'You have proben again that you are an ally to the Eglain. Thank you, <name>.'