Quest:Curious Errands

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Curious Errands
Level 87
Type Solo
Starts with Déorwald
Starts at Middlemead
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [54.0S, 73.1W]
Quest Group Middlemead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, so Hildulf has told you of my worries?

'My apprentice left in a rush this morning, and told me he was travelling to Pendlac's Farm for reasons that were not made known to me. He took the last of my horses, and rode out upon the fields.

'Normally, I would not expect him back for some time, but I need him back at my side for our tasks today. If you would, track him down on the fields, as I'm sure he's still riding along at a slow pace. Should he be unable to give you a reason for this senseless journey, send him back here at once by any means.'


Déorwald grows concerned for his apprentice who has not returned after a rushed journey to Pendlac's Farm.

Objective 1

  • Search the fields south of Middlemead for Déorwald's apprentice

Déorwald's apprentice can be found on the fields of Kingstead to the south of Middlemead and Folcbur's homestead.

Déorwald believes his apprentice to be journeying to Pendlac's Farm on an unknown errand. You should find and speak to his apprentice.

Aside a blood-soaked Uruk, you discover Déorwald's apprentice and slain horses of pale coat

Objective 2

The Uruk War-leader can be found on the fields to the south of Middlemead.

You have discovered the remains of Déorwald's apprentice, his horses, and his presumed murderer. You should confront and defeat the Uruk-hai responsible.

Uruk War-leader: 'Wastin' my time... Only three, and none of 'em dark. What a worthless lot!'
The Uruk does not appear to notice you as he mumbles to himself, but suddenly his head jerks up, and he glares in your direction.
'And you... is this your doing? He said there'd be more!'
The Uruk notes your confusion and raises his weapon.
'Well, if you ain't in on it, then you gotta go!'
  • Defeat the Uruk War-leader
Uruk War-leader says, "He didn't say nothin' about a <class>!"
Defeated the Uruk War-leader

Objective 3

Déorwald can be found at the traders' pavillion in central Middlemead.

You have found Déorwald's apprentice slain by a vicious Uruk who spoke of mysterious things. You should return to Déorwald with this ill news.

Déorwald: 'And here I was about to reprimand the boy for being slow to return... Such a loss.
'I am unsettled by the Uruk's words, <name>. From the sound of it, he was sent to merely feed my stock into the Enemy's hands, knowingly or not.
'This was no errand of mine, and I fear the man who would have arranged such sinister dealings.'