Quest:Crown of Antlers

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Crown of Antlers
Level 62
Type Solo
Starts with White Stag Corpse
Starts at Gloomglens
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [64.0S, 22.6W]
Ends with Idhrenfair
Ends at Echad Idhrenfair
End Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [63.5S, 21.5W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You carefully harvest the antlers from this corpse. The extraordinarily large rack of antlers is without blemish and perfectly symmetrical.

Such a specimen might be of interest to the Rangers of the Grey Company.


You found the corpse of one of the mysterious white stags of Enedwaith and harvested its strange antlers.

Objective 1

There are Rangers at Echad Idhrenfair to the north-east of the stag-corpse.

You should bring the rack of antlers you harvested to one of the Rangers of the Grey Company.

Idhrenfair: 'Greetings once more, <name>. What have you found there? Indeed, this is a strange specimen. I have never seen such a large and perfect rack of antlers. And the polished sheen of the ivory? This was borne by no natural creature.
'We have seen many strange things since coming to this place, but always at the edge of our vision. We thought the mysteries but spectres of the imagination. Now I must wonder....'