Quest:Crannog's Third Challenge

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Crannog's Third Challenge
Level 43
Type Solo
Starts with Crannog
Starts at Aughaire
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [0.1N, 40.2W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Crannog's Challenge
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Long have I served my people as chieftain, and I have given many dozens of Fém to those of age among my people, and to those few travellers I deem worthy of calling friend. It is a heavy burden, for a Fém is not to be granted lightly. If it is beyond the reach of the one to whom it is assigned, the blame falls upon me, as chieftain.

'I give to you now your Fém. I give to <name>, <race> from the South, this Fém: to begin the rite of Clúcath, the ancient privilege and burden of the Trév Gállorg. It has been long since the Clúcath has been called, and the memory of the last is grim; but its time has come again. Thus is <name>'s Fém given.

'Raith will tell you what this Fém involves, <name>. Speak with him at once and begin.'


Your accomplishments on behalf of the Trév Gállorg have earned you the recognition and trust of Crannog, their chieftain.

Objective 1

Raith is standing by Crannog's ruling-seat, in Aughaire, west of the settlement's central island.

Crannog has granted you your Fém -- to begin the rite of Clúcath -- and told you to speak with Raith to learn what this involves.

Crannog: 'Speak with Raith to learn what must be done for your Fém, beginning the Clúcath.'
Raith: 'I am happy that Crannog has given you a Fém, <name>, but I am surprised he has chosen you to begin the rite of Clúcath. In ages past, each of the tribes selected a warrior to fight on its behalf in a ceremonial combat, called a Clúcath. The victorious tribe was understood to become the leader of all the others until such a time as another Clúcath was called. It has been many years since the last, during which the Trév Duvárdain violated the laws of mercy required by the ceremony and slew our champion.
'North of Aughaire is a hilltop where the Clúcath has always been held. The place is called Fail-á-Khro. Travel to Fail-á-Khro, and when you reach it, you must turn north-east. After some distance, you will see a line of torches ascending another slope. Atop this final slope lies the Cairn of Honour. Climb the Cairn and retrieve the Stone of Clúcath from atop it, then bring the Stone to Crannog.
'We must trust our chieftain. If he believes that the time has come for Clúcath, he surely has some knowledge we do not.'

Objective 2

The Cairn of Honour is north-east of Fail-á-Khro, far to the north of Aughaire. The hilltop on which the Cairn of Honour rests is marked by a line of torches.

Raith has told you that you must collect the Stone of Clúcath and bring it to Crannog.

Raith: 'To begin the rite of Clúcath, you must retrieve a particular gemstone. The Stone of Clúcath rests atop the Cairn of Honour, north-east of Fail-á-Khro. The hill on which the Cairn of Honour sits is marked by a line of torches.
'To reach Fail-á-Khro, you must travel far to the north of Aughaire.'
Collected the Stone of Clúcath

Objective 3

Crannog is at his ruling-seat, west of the centre island of Aughaire.

You have taken the Stone of Clúcath from the Carin of Honour and should bring it now to Crannog.

Raith: 'Give the Stone of Clúcath to Crannog, and quickly!'
Crannog: 'You have taken the Stone of Clúcath. It is now only a matter of time before the greatest warrior of the Trév Gállorg will face the champion of the Trév Duvárdain, and much will be decided.
'The warriors of Búth Sánkhas will now speak with you concerning tasks with which they desire your aid. Help them if you will, but know that you have another obligation.
'Your Fém is not yet complete.'