Quest:Crafting: Studying the White Ships

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Crafting: Studying the White Ships
Level 6
Type Solo
Starts with Raindis
Starts at Celondim
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [27.8S, 92.1W]
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Scholar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is my privilege to aid with the construction of the White Ships that bring the Eldar into the West, but I have wondered of late if there was any improvement, even of small value, that might be made to the wood we use for that purpose.

'If you know a scholar of some skill, I would appreciate any minor woodworking-lore you might be able to acquire.

'Thank you for your assistance. I have one or two small relics I can give to you for your trouble.'


Raindis of Celondim has asked you to bring her some minor woodworking-lore that she can apply to the preparation of timbers used in the construction of the White Ships.

Objective 1

Raindis is at Celondim, in Ered Luin.

Raindis has asked if you would collect some minor woodworking-lore from a scholar so she can see if any improvements might be made to the wood that is used as the timber for the White Ships.

Raindis: 'You have not been able to gather any minor woodworking-lore for me?'
Collected minor woodworking-lore
  • Bring minor woodworking-lore to Raindis
Raindis: 'Thank you, <name>, this minor woodworking-lore is just what I had in mind. I will spend some time in contemplation of it to see if there are any lessons I can draw from within its pages. Take these small items with my gratitude.'