Quest:Constables and Robbers

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Constables and Robbers
Level 74
Type Solo only
Starts with Aculf
Starts at Aculf's Camp
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [29.1S, 55.2W]
Quest Group Rushgore
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We have given the brigands every opportunity to cease their thievery and leave our lands, but Eowils reports that they have refused at every turn. The time has come to take more drastic measures.

'We must assault Atburg and drive them forth at swordpoint! Are you with us, <name>? It will be no mean feat, but we are the of the sons of Éorl! We will not relent!

'If you intend to join us, speak with me again.'

Note: This quest can only be completed by a Solo player. It cannot be completed as part of a Fellowship.


After every attempt to intimidate the treasure-hunters into retreating from the Rushgore failed, Aculf has decided to take more drastic measures.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Aculf to join the assault on Atburg

Aculf is at his camp in the Rushgore, north-west of Atburg.

Aculf has asked you to join him and his companions as they assault Atburg.

Aculf: 'Let us go, <name>...the element of surprise is upon our side.'
Complete Instance: Constables and Robbers.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Aculf at his camp in the Rushgore

Aculf is at his camp in the Rushgore, north-west of Atburg.

You should speak with Aculf regarding your victory at Atburg.

Aculf: 'The brigands are resilient, <name>. They have been routed for a time, but they will soon return...and we will rout them once again!
'Thank you for your aid.'