Quest:Clearly Problematic

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Clearly Problematic
Level 54
Type Solo
Starts with Thrand
Starts at The Rotting Cellar
Start Region The Water-works
Map Ref [15.2S, 112.2W]
Quest Group Moria: The Water-works
Quest Chain Glass Spiders
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The goblins keep smashing the dwarf-lamps. Without them, we cannot safely find our way through the halls and move supplies between the camps we have established throughout Khazad-dûm.

'We either have to find more materials to craft more lamps or find a replacement. The latter may be easier, now that I think of it. I believe we can use bits of glass-spider legs to replace the crystals. In order to do this, though, I will need a great many of those legs.

'If you would, go out and hunt down some glass-spiders and bring me their legs. You can find a good many of the beasts to the west, near The Lost Palace.'


The materials originally used to craft the dwarf-lamps have long since been used up. More must be found if the halls of Moria are to shine once more.

Objective 1

Glass-spiders can be found to the west of the Rotting Cellar, near The Lost Palace.

Thrand wishes to repair some of the dwarf-lamps smashed by the goblins and speculates that glass-spider legs will make the best replacements for the crystals.

Thrand: 'I do not believe we can fix the dwarf-lamps without those glass-spider legs. Do not tarry any longer.'

Objective 2

Thrand is in the Rotting Cellar, east of The Lost Palace.

Thrand will be delighted to see the condition of the glass-spider legs you collected.

Thrand: 'Yes, looking at these, they may do well for a shoddy replacement. Thank you for not breaking them into too many pieces.'