Quest:Chapter 3.6: The Next Great Plague

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Chapter 3.6: The Next Great Plague
Level 114
Type Solo
Starts with Mithrandir
Starts at First Circle
Start Region Minas Tirith
Map Ref [65.9S, 16.9W]
Ends with Harthalín
End Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [52.9S, 27.8E]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 3
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Your descriptions of Agarnaith tell me that Lhaereth's experiments have had an adverse effect upon her land. It may be that a study of the plants and creatures within it will shed light upon her progress, <name>.

'We need to learn how near Lhaereth has gotten to achieving her goal. Return to Agarnaith and take samples of material from the animals, plants, and water of that land. You should retain the kingsfoil; combine it with the samples and see if there is any effect. We need not be overly concerned until the kingsfoil ceases to affect the disease, but by then it may be too late. Sixty samples should be enough.

'[non-High Elf: You know Harthalín. She] [ High Elf: Your friend Harthalín] intended to venture to Agarnaith. Look for her in the swamp and I am certain she will aid you in this.'


If Lhaereth the Stained is truly attempting to perfect the Great Plague, Mithrandir wants you to learn how far along she has gotten in the process.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Harthalín by the eastward-running road in Agarnaith and collect samples (0/60)

Harthalín is by the eastward-running road in Agarnaith.

Harthalín: 'This place is foul, and I would rather be anywhere else, but that is precisely why we need to watch this land. Mithrandir believes that the Bloody Gore will be the birthplace of the next Great Plague? If such a disease is to spring forth anew, it will be from here, <name>! I mean, look around you!
'Mithrandir wants us to collect samples of flesh, and stem, and water from Agarnaith? How very unpleasant! I will aid you in this; we can each collect half of what Mithrandir wanted, and then we will meet back here.'

Objective 2

  • Collect samples from animals in Agarnaith (0/10)
  • Collect samples from plants in Agarnaith (0/10)
  • Collect samples of water in Agarnaith (0/10)

Mithrandir asked you to collect samples from the plants, animals, and water in Agarnaith in order to determine the progress of Lhaereth's experiments.

ANIMAL SAMPLE "The very air of Agarnaith is foul, and has had a harmful effect upon the creatures that live within its pestilential bounds."
PLANT SAMPLE "The soil of Agarnaith is encrusted with vile spores and shot through with infected tendrils. Any plants that survive become twisted and corrupt."
BUBBLING WATER "If any spot can be said to be good within the plagued marshlands of Agarnaith, this at least might prove suitable for collecting some of its foul water."
WATER SAMPLE "The water that courses sickly through Agarnaith has lost any of its cleansing or refreshing properties."
Collected samples from animals in Agarnaith (10/10)
Collected samples from plants in Agarnaith (10/10)
Collected samples of water in Agarnaith (10/10)

Objective 3

  • Bring the samples to Harthalín by the road in Agarnaith

Harthalín is by the eastward-running road in Agarnaith.

Harthalín: 'There you are, <name>! Did you collect your samples? I have mine right here. But I need to tell you something.
'Just before you returned, I saw movement in the brush over there. I recognized the shape of an Orc, and had pulled my bow-string taut before it could react. It's lying over there, in the water to the north-east. Go see if it lives!'

Objective 4

  • Examine the Ghâsh-orc shot by Harthalín in Agarnaith, to the north-east

Harthalín shot an arrow at an Orc attempting to pass north-east of her location in Agarnaith. She wants you to see if it still lives.

DEAD ORC "Harthalin slew this Orc of the Ghâsh-hai when it came too near to her encampment in Agarnaith, but what errand brought it there to die?"
Examining dead Orc ... Its wounds were serious
The Orc is dead. You remove a parchment from its hand
Collected the crumpled parchment

Objective 5

  • Bring the parchment to Harthalín by the road in Agarnaith (The parchment can be read from your inventory)

Harthalín is by the eastward-running road in Agarnaith.

Crumpled parchment: Lhaereth, I have entrusted this response to the Ghâsh-hai. You are welcome to keep the bearer for your own purposes, if you should find him useful. Let that soothe sting of my master's refusal to heed your call. Seregost is not a suitable location. Perhaps Nargroth would be a more fitting site for the Masters of Mordor to meet?
Dolgrist, on behalf of Borangos, Lord of the Ghâsh-hai and the Flame
Harthalín: 'What did you find? That Orc carried a message?'
Harthalín takes the crumpled parchment from you and quickly reads the message.
'I do not like the sound of this, <name>. A meeting of the Masters of Mordor can signal nothing but trouble and ill omen for us!'